About us

Affordable, advanced security for wherever you call home

LifeShield was acquired by ADT in 2019, and the two companies merged in early 2020 to build on ADT’s 145-year-old brand. Together, the combined company is better positioned to provide the outstanding customer service that customers have come to expect along with expanded smart home security product and service offerings.

This partnership between LifeShield and ADT has brought about a new brand identity for the company: Blue by ADT. Blue by ADT is cost-effective and modern home security technology. All Blue products are compatible with smart home automation, easy to set up and use, and perfect for homeowners and renters.

If you’re looking for security options for your apartment, condominium, or house, Blue by ADT has customizable solutions for you. With Blue by ADT, you have the flexibility to take your security devices with you if you move and expand your security over time if your needs change.

Blue by ADT products, like the Doorbell, Indoor, and Outdoor Cameras, can work independently or integrate with LifeShield home security systems.

Blue by ADT devices and LifeShield systems can be controlled and monitored from virtually anywhere by using a free mobile app on your smartphone.

The Blue by ADT and LifeShield brands are run by a dedicated, talented staff motivated by their commitment to excellence, innovation, and customer service.

History of LifeShield

LifeShield began with a set of simple goals: to offer reasonably priced, easy to set up home security systems that take advantage of the latest in technology and that help deter burglars or home intruders.

In 2002, technology innovator Louis Stilp tried to find a good home security system for his family. After he realized that his only options were expensive, hard-wired security systems, he decided to develop an alternative digital wireless security option.

Stilp continued to refine this system, which he initially called InGrid, and established 20 unique patents. This industry newcomer offered an innovative new option in the home security market: DIY security systems that didn’t have costly hardware or restrictive contracts. InGrid caught the attention of investors, and Mike Hagan of Hawk Capital Partners LP acquired the company. Hagan rebranded InGrid as LifeShield and took the business direct to consumer. With LifeShield, it became possible for homeowners to get advanced technology at affordable prices without installation fees, and no middle-men.

LifeShield continued to establish itself as a pioneer in DIY smart home security. With this success, ADT decided to back LifeShield’s growing business. Both LifeShield and ADT share the same passion, commitment, and focus of providing the best home security and giving peace of mind to customers and their families.