Are Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems Better?

When you buy your family a security system, you may have some pretty common questions – including: Are Wired or Wireless Home Security Systems Better? The answer is that the two different types work in different situations – which is why they both hang around. Still, wireless home security systems tend to work better in more situations. They also tend to be much more popular.

Why Are Wired Security Systems Better?

Many people believe that wired security systems are better because they tend to be extremely easy to maintain. They never lose connections nor do you have to worry about checking battery levels because they are directly plugged into a power system.
Many also just feel safer with a wired system because they believe them to be more reliable. In some senses, they may be – you don’t have to worry about something getting in the way of sensors if the wiring isn’t damaged. Wired systems also tend to work for larger spaces, like corporations or if you have multiple buildings.

However, wired systems are more expensive to install because they generally require a professional to do so. They also require come interior design help, unless you just want the wires hanging all over your home. This also means that the work you do is permanent – you can’t take the security system with you when you move, nor can you move the system around.

In some cases, wired security systems are more vulnerable to burglars because they know that they can disable the whole system with a few snips of a wire.

Why Are Wireless Security Systems Better?

Wireless security systems are better because they are much easier and quicker to install. You can do it yourself, which will save you quite a bit of money in the long run. They are also much easier to remove and you can take them with you when you go. You won’t have to do any construction or worry about any marks being left behind. If you rent your home, this makes it much easier to get your security deposit back. Interior design is important, and wireless systems tend to be just a little more streamlined so that you can move them around as you change your room’s style.

Of course, wireless systems are also simple and allow you to build your system as you want – especially when you work with a company like LifeShield, that allows you to build your system yourself.

Wireless systems also tend to be remotely accessible, which means that you can check on everything by yourself.

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