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Be kind, unwind, and eat candy

October 01, 2020

Thank you to teachers

This month we say a big thank you to teachers and first responders for their service to the community. And, we offer ideas on how to carry out random acts of kindness for others and yourself on National Do Something Nice Day. Learn what to expect during an alarm event, and find out how your Blue Doorbell Camera can help you track your food and online shopping deliveries.

World Teachers Day and National Do Something Nice Day

Twice as nice

Is it a coincidence that World Teachers Day and National Do Something Nice Day both fall on October 5th? We think they fit together like peanut butter and jelly. Teachers are a source of inspiration for dreams and career choices. They change lives. Now, teachers are reimagining their lesson plans and teaching students virtually at home. They’re also teaching in classrooms. A day that honors educators can be an opportunity to compliment a current or former teacher and make them feel appreciated. Thank or let your teacher know how they positively affected you or your kiddo.

The day isn’t over yet. You can also rock National Do Something Nice Day by offering meaningful compliments to your friends and family. Call a neighbor or someone you’ve lost touch with to see how they’re doing. Try helping the community by donating your time to a cause that’s close to your heart.

Don’t forget to do something nice for yourself. Unwind with some do-it-yourself care. Pour your favorite tea or latte in a to-go cup and take a walk outside in the fall weather. Focus on yourself by catching up on sleep, watching movies, completing a DIY project, or doing an at-home spa treatment like a mud mask. Check a fun activity off your list that you’ve wanted to try or pick up a relaxing new hobby.

National First Responders Day

Thank you, first responders

We say thank you to first responders for their service every day and on National First Responders Day on October 28th. From responding to four-alarm fires to caring for critical patients, first responders wear many heroic hats. We thank police, fire, EMS, and dispatchers for their 24/7 service to the community in emergencies.

Since it’s also National Crime Prevention Month, we want to make sure you’re prepared if your home security alarm sounds. A common question is what to expect during an alarm event after the monitoring center calls emergency services. If you have an alarm event and professional monitoring, here’s a reminder on how it works:

  • The monitoring center confirms an alarm event at your home by calling you or one of your emergency contacts. (You choose your primary and secondary emergency contacts in advance.) Learn how to switch up your emergency contacts.
  • During the alarm event call, the monitoring center confirms your identity by asking for your Monitoring Passcode. Find out how to change the passcode.
  • If you or your emergency contact is not reachable during a verified home alarm event, the monitoring center immediately alerts your local emergency services dispatch center of the emergency and your location.
  • Remember that the speed of emergency dispatch depends on the reaction time of the local dispatch center, emergency responder availability, and the distance it takes to get to your home. Learn more about alarm events.

HD do-it-yourself camera

Ding dong day

Even though a doorbell camera’s chime may not be used often by visitors right now, it’s the ticket to tracking the arrival of your food and online shopping deliveries. You can use a doorbell camera to see outside your home day or night and talk with anyone at your door. It’s a helpful HD do-it-yourself camera for any day of the year.

National Doorbell Day is coming up, and it shares the spotlight with Halloween on October 31st. While Halloween this year may be different in some areas without trick or treaters, you can use your doorbell camera to stakeout the in-transit online candy delivery that you may or may not plan to keep for yourself. (It’s okay. We are too.)

If you’re out on a candy run and want to make it seem like you’re at home, use your doorbell to greet trick or treaters. The camera detects a person at your front door and sends an alert to your smartphone with a video preview, so you know when they arrive. (No word from the product team about whether the motion detection feature works with ghosts 👻. Just kidding.)

The Blue Doorbell Camera lets you talk with your visitors from a safe distance and see live video on your smartphone from wherever you are. You don’t even have to be home to say hello to someone at your front door. Find out more.