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Blue by ADT Product Q&A

February 01, 2020

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Blue by ADT recently launched its first line of DIY home security cameras, and we’re excited to share these new products with you! The standalone Blue by ADT Indoor Camera, Outdoor Camera, and Doorbell Camera—are flexible security options to add to your existing LifeShield system.

Get to know more about the new smart cameras in our Blue question and answer update with Head of Product DIY, Doug Bellenger.

A: The new Blue by ADT cameras have advanced features like 2-way talk, motion detection, facial recognition, 1080p HD clarity, night vision, and an SD card slot for local storage.

  • 2-way talk: Use the Blue by ADT app to talk through your cameras to anyone at your front door: Welcome friends, give directions to a delivery person, or let your furry friends hear a friendly voice.
  • Motion detection: You can detect motion up to 9.8 feet away with the Blue Doorbell Camera and up to 16.4 feet away with the Blue Outdoor and Indoor Cameras. You can also custom-adjust any Blue camera’s motion detection zone.
  • Facial recognition: Set your Blue cameras to recognize the people you choose. After uploading these photos, you can get an alert if your mother is at the front door, or when your kids return home from school.
  • Video: Stream live video in 1080p HD with night vision. Save your live video recordings for the Indoor and Outdoor Camera locally using the SD card slot or choose from other video storage options for all cameras.

A: The new Blue by ADT security cameras have improved hardware as well as new features like 2-way talk, night vision, live HD video streaming, facial recognition, customizable motion detection zones, push notifications with video previews, and Amazon Alexa and IFTTT compatibility. With our new smart cameras, you can give access to your home to family, dog walkers, contractors, and trusted friends.

The Blue Outdoor Camera is battery operated and does not require power or an Ethernet cord for everyday use. It has an easily detachable mounting bracket so you can charge your cameras as needed.

The Blue by ADT cameras are flexible home security solutions for renters and owners of any size home or apartment. The devices can be easily moved and set up in a new location, and provide a real sense of security, wherever you call home.

A: The industry is trending with camera-focused security options, and we wanted to provide products that are easy to add on to your existing security equipment as your life and needs change. These cameras can move with you from a small apartment to a house, letting you build up your security over time. We also wanted to offer new indoor and outdoor security cameras with larger feature sets.

A: Yes. The Blue by ADT in-app instructions can help you set up your devices quickly and easily. Use the mounting bracket to set up the Blue Outdoor Camera in the eaves of your home. You can use the Blue Indoor Camera’s mounting bracket to set up the device inside your home or place the camera on a shelf. The wired Blue Doorbell Camera connects to your home’s existing doorbell wiring, and the Blue Extender + Chime plugs into an outlet. If you need setup advice, we can help you! Get extra setup information by visiting the Support Center or calling us at 877-464-7437 from 8am-9pm ET Monday-Friday and 9am-6pm ET Saturday-Sunday.

A: Yes. The new Blue by ADT cameras are flexible and will work either alone or with all LifeShield systems. You can add Blue cameras to your system at any time, or keep using any LifeShield cameras you already have. And all of the equipment can be used in the new Blue by ADT mobile app.

A: The settings for the new Blue by ADT app (formerly known as the LifeShield mobile app) are easy to navigate, with suggestions on how to set up devices and edit settings for individual products or complete security systems.

The Blue by ADT app allows you to communicate using 2-way talk, view notification previews from your cameras, and add people to the “familiar face” feature for facial recognition. Most importantly, the app’s new “Users” feature lets you give different levels of access to your family and friends, or anyone else you’ve trusted with access to your account. All of your added users can manage how they receive notifications. The Blue by ADT user roles range from full to limited access and are:

  • Master user: This is the main user who purchases the security device. This user is in charge of the billing cycle and monitoring plan and has full access to the app.
  • Admin user: This is a secondary user, like a spouse or significant other of the primary user. This user has access to the same features as the Master user, except billing.
  • Standard user: This is an additional user of the account. This user doesn’t have access to billing, monitoring plans, or settings, but has access to arm and disarm the system.
  • Basic user: Basic users don’t have a login to the mobile app. This kind of access would be given to a contractor or dog walker so they can use a 4-digit code that’s unique to them to get into your home. The code only lets them arm and disarm the system.

A: The new Blue by ADT cameras are smart home certified to work with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT-enabled devices and apps. There are plans for our devices to work with other smart home systems soon such as Google Assistant and Apple HomeKit.

A: The Blue Indoor Camera and Blue Doorbell Camera both require AC power. The Blue Outdoor Camera has a rechargeable battery that’s easy to disconnect when it’s time to recharge. When paired with the new Blue Extender + Chime, the Blue Outdoor Camera has a longer battery life and WiFi range.

*Indoor camera requires AC power to operate. No central station monitoring or emergency dispatch included with self-monitoring option.
See product description here.

A: The Blue Extender + Chime works with any Blue by ADT camera or LifeShield system. (It does not work on its own or with other equipment.) The Extender + Chime is a recommended add-on device to increase the battery life of the Blue Outdoor Camera. The Extender + Chime provides an added speaker for doorbell chime sounds and enhances the WiFi signal of your Indoor, Outdoor, and Doorbell Camera.

A: Visit the Blue by ADT website to learn more about these brand new security cameras from the most trusted name in home security.

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