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Blue by ADT year in review

December 01, 2021

Before we kick off the new year, we wanted to take some time to review two big changes we made in 2021. We’ll recap our game-changing integration with Google Assistant-enabled devices and remind you about the new account updates we’ll be implementing to help protect your information. And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the holidays. We’ve got a few tips to help you get the most out of your holiday shopping with your Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera.

Hands-free help

Hands-free help at home from Blue and Hey Google

Back in March, we introduced the first of several Google devices available to add-on to Blue systems: Google Nest Mini. And just three months later, we started offering Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) and Google Nest Hub Max. Adding one of these Google devices to your Blue by ADT security system gives you the power to control your security and compatible smart home devices by talking to Google. Start by downloading the Google Home app, then try some of the commands below:

“Hey Google, set my system to Armed Away”
“Hey Google, turn on the living room lights”
“Hey Google, lock the front door”
“Hey Google, set the thermostat to 70 degrees”

You can also control and monitor your devices using the Nest Hub (2nd gen) or Nest Hub Max’s touchscreen display. Learn more about how Blue works with Hey Google on our Support Center.

Google and Nest Mini, Nest Hub (2nd gen), and Nest Hub Max are trademarks of Google LLC. Nest Mini, Nest Hub (2nd gen), and Nest Hub Max require a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, a compatible mobile device, and a Google Account.

multi-factor authentication

We’re keeping your home—and your information—safer

As part of our commitment to making you safer, we recently decided to require multi-factor authentication (MFA) for all Blue by ADT accounts. This additional layer of security helps us keep your personal information safe.

Soon we will require you to verify your identity before logging in to your account. You can do this via email, SMS message or using your voice.
If you haven’t done it already, here’s how to set up multi-factor authentication:

  • You can set up MFA now by logging into the Blue by ADT app, going to Menu > My Profile > Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Select your preferred verification method and follow the in-app instructions to complete the setup.

Holiday shopping

Holiday shopping is better with Blue

Now that we’ve looked back on some of our big changes over the last year, it’s time to shift our focus and look ahead (in 1080p HD resolution) to the upcoming holidays. If you have a Blue Doorbell Camera as a part of your security setup, you can eliminate some of the stress that comes along with online holiday shopping. Using your Blue by ADT mobile app, you can keep an eye on your deliveries right from your smartphone—whether you’re on the couch or on the go.

Here’s how:

  • Get a push notification when your camera detects the delivery person approaching your door. Customizing your motion detection zones can help make sure you only get alerts that matter.
  • Use your camera’s 2-way talk feature to let them know that you’ll be right there or to tell them to leave it on the doorstep. Or use it to shoo away porch pirates while you’re out and about.
  • Keep an eye on your packages from virtually anywhere by streaming crystal-clear 1080p HD video from your doorstep on your smartphone. And thanks to night vision, you’ll be able to check in at all hours of the day.

And speaking of holiday shopping, if you’re thinking of giving the gift of Blue this year, be sure to order before December 15th and get out ahead of possible shipping delays.