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Hindsight is 20/20. Foresight is 2021.

December 01, 2020

Celebrate the holidays

This month we have ideas on how to celebrate the holidays with friends and family while staying safe. Also, find out how Blue can help you watch for gift deliveries and brighten your New Year’s Eve with smarts.

Home safety for the holidays

Home safety for the holidays

This month holds many holidays, and this year it’s important to keep safety in mind while you prepare and celebrate. As we wrap up 2020, here are some ideas to help protect yourself and others throughout the season.

  • Consider skipping crowded stores by shopping for groceries online if home delivery is available in your area. Try a delivery app or check online to see if your local grocery stores offer the service.
  • If you can, shop for gifts online in the comfort of your own home instead of venturing out in person. (Bonus of online shopping: more time for hot chocolate n’ chill.) If you can’t shop for all of your gifts online, be sure to shop safely and bring a list so that you can get in and out.
  • Stay in your vehicles and create a surprise car parade for an elderly family member. Bring your pup along for the ride.
  • Give gifts or food to family and friends who are outside of your household safely by leaving the item on their doorstep or porch. Keep everybody safe by standing a few feet away to catch up if they’re home or talk to them through their doorbell camera if they have one.
  • Get an alert on your smartphone if anyone eats or drinks the cookies and milk you left out overnight by placing your Blue Indoor Camera or motion sensor near the treats.
  • Keep the kids entertained while they’re inside. Use your Blue Indoor Camera to capture video of any “elves on shelves” hanging out in your home. Show kids the footage of the elf hanging out in different spots throughout your place on your Blue by ADT app.
  • Dress for the weather and take a holiday hike before or after your celebrations.
  • Stay in touch. Celebrate virtually this year with the people you can’t see in person. Use video meetings to have dinner together, chat, play cards, or set up a board game. This year is very different, but you can still make memories.

Check out the CDC’s recommendations for healthy holiday celebrations so everyone is protected for 2021.

Online shopping

Get in ship-shop shape

With more people shopping online, home delivery is in demand. Plan to ship your items early and shop safely this year. Get your gift deliveries set up as soon as you can to allow enough lead time for you to send them.

You can watch for your online deliveries and protect your holiday packages as they arrive at your home with a Blue Outdoor Camera or Blue Doorbell Camera. Get an alert on your smartphone when your camera detects motion as the package is delivered to your driveway or front door. Whether you’re at home or out shopping for gifts, use the camera to talk with your delivery driver as they drop off the package. You can even check the live video stream to see the package throughout the day if you’re at work.

Get a better view of your home’s front door, walkway, and driveway with a camera. Our DIY security cameras are easy to set up and use, work with all Blue systems, and let you see what’s up at your home from virtually anywhere using the Blue by ADT mobile app.


Move on up into 2021

Who says you can’t have balloons, confetti, and noisemakers to celebrate the start of 2021 on your own? You can welcome the new year in style while also having a comfy holiday happy hour at home in your pajamas. Band together with everyone (or every fur baby) in your house to safely get snacks together and decorate for New Year’s Eve.

Use your Blue system to put your holiday smart lights on a timer so that they go on at the stroke of midnight. Manage your system and smart lights with the Blue by ADT mobile app, and connect your system or cameras to your compatible smart home devices. Use Blue systems with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, or connect with Z-Wave Plus devices.

Set up a video call with friends and family so you can countdown from a distance with your regular crew just before midnight. Use a virtual backdrop or have a friendly competition with your festive decorations on your video call. Catch up with everyone about the past year and talk about what you look forward to in 2021. If you’re a resolution maker, it’s time for a fresh one.