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Safe at home where the heart is

February 01, 2021

Thank you to teachers

This month, we wrote a playbook for watching the football season’s finale with friends, family and fur babies while staying safe at home. Share the Valentine’s Day love and find out how to take charge of your security devices’ battery levels on National Battery Day.

World Teachers Day and National Do Something Nice Day

Home couch advantage

Who says you can’t kick off the Big Game at home? While parties may be different this year, you can still have comfy fun watching from your living room. Team up with everyone at your place to get snacks together and decorate with your team’s colors before the game. Create “yard lines” with masking tape on the ground to social distance. Step up your “defense” by avoiding crowds and shopping a few days ahead of the Big Game.

Have a few party games ready to play with your housemates during halftime or commercial breaks like advertisement bingo, paper football tournaments and sports trivia. If it’s warm, play a game of cornhole or toss around a football outside. Want to get creative? Set up a video call with friends and fam before the kickoff so you can all do the wave as a group while watching the game together from a distance.

National First Responders Day

Share the love

Show your loved ones that you care by calling to check on them or helping them with a home DIY project from a safe distance. Pick up groceries for an elderly neighbor or make a stranger’s day by paying for their latte. Consider a thoughtful gift that your partner can use at home like a sunrise alarm clock, fitness tracker or smart garage door opener. (Note: Blue systems work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT or connect with Z-Wave Plus devices.)

Even if Valentine’s Day isn’t your “pup of tea,” celebrate DIY style by making your home safer for yourself and your fur babies. Add on devices and customize the settings for your Blue security cameras while baby talking to your pets anytime with the Blue mobile app.

Whether you’ve got a hot date with food delivery or are expecting Valentine’s Day flowers from your bae, get alerts on your smartphone when your doorbell and outdoor cameras sense someone coming to your door or parking out front. That way, you can keep binge-watching your favorite movie without getting up to check the door.

Did you know that you can set up your Blue security camera to recognize a family member or partner’s face? The cameras also work with the app to send alerts about who is inside or around your place. Just upload pictures of your sweetheart (or any other familiar face) to your app’s photo library to start. Find out how your indoor, doorbell and wireless outdoor cameras recognize and send alerts about the human faces from your system’s user list.

HD do-it-yourself camera

Charge ahead

Are your system and/or camera’s battery-operated devices fully juiced? Check out your sensor and camera batteries on National Battery Day on February 18th. It may be time to recharge or replace your batteries. You can always see the battery levels of your security devices by checking the Blue by ADT mobile app’s dashboard. You will also get an alert if your battery is low. It’s a solid opportunity to double-check the batteries in your security system devices and smoke and CO detectors.

Get the rundown on changing device batteries in the Support Center. Did you know that you can extend the battery life of your Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera with a Blue Extender + Chime? Learn more camera battery tips here.