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It’s gonna be May

May 03, 2022

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This Mother’s Day, we’re giving thanks for all that mothers do to help keep us safe. In the spirit of the holiday, we’ll explore why an ADT Medical Alert system is the perfect way to help protect your mom and thank her for all she’s done. You’ll also get tips for arming and disarming your Blue by ADT security system, and learn how to use it with a smart thermostat to cool your home as the weather warms.

The best offer ever for the best moms

She’s kept you safe since you were a kiddo. With Mother’s Day approaching on May 8th, now is the perfect time to remind your mom that you care about her safety. To celebrate moms everywhere, we’re offering special pricing on ADT Medical Alert systems. Don’t miss our best deal ever for existing customers. For a limited time, get free activation, free shipping and $6 off professional monitoring.*

ADT Medical Alert systems provide independence for your aging parent and peace of mind backed by the largest network of security professionals in the U.S. The system also helps to support your daily life as an adult caregiver. Rely on the most trusted name in security† to be there in any emergency for fast, reliable 24/7 help.

There’s an ADT Medical Alert system to offer protection at home or on the go for any senior’s lifestyle including the:

  • On-the-go emergency response system
    Provides freedom and peace of mind while at home or miles from it.
  • Medical Alert Plus system
    Extended in-home range grants independence to those who love to garden or
    relax in the yard.
  • Medical Alert Basic system
    Gives you or your loved ones the confidence they need to live alone and stay independent when at home.

Help protect your mom for Mother’s Day and beyond. Visit us online and use promo code BESTDEAL

*Requires a monthly agreement. The customer will be billed monthly, excluding applicable taxes upon receipt of the unit. Learn more at www.adt.com/health/best-deal. Offer valid until 12/31/2022.
†Harris Brand Tracker, Sept. 2021

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Arm your system while on the go

Blue by ADT gives you several options for arming and disarming your system while you’re on the go or at home. You can arm and disarm your system using your keypad, keychain remote, Blue by ADT mobile app and web portal.

Here’s a basic breakdown of the three different arming modes and one disarming mode:

Use this mode for securing your house while you’re home. ARM-STAY will provide you with an Exit Delay and an Entry Delay. It’s designed to ignore motion sensors and other specific sensors not set for Stay mode. During the Exit Delay, the beep will get faster during the last 10 seconds of arming.

Use ARM-AWAY when no one is at home. Your system will provide an Exit Delay and an Entry Delay. During the Exit Delay, the beep will increase during the last 10 seconds of arming.

Use this mode when you’re in for the night and don’t expect anyone to enter or exit your home. Your system will not provide an Exit Delay or Entry Delay. This mode will also ignore specific sensors not set for Stay mode. (For example, motion sensors are typically only used in Away mode.)

Use this whenever you want to cancel any alarm you’ve caused.
NOTE: The Exit and Entry delays are designed to give you enough time to leave or enter your home without setting off a false alarm.

Tip: Make sure all windows and doors are closed before arming the system. If a sensor is open when you’re trying to arm the system, you may be prompted to bypass the sensor. You can either close the door or window and try to arm again, or bypass the sensor and it will not be monitored until the next time the system is armed.

Learn more at https://support.bluebyadt.com/s/article/Arming-Your-System

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Beat the heat

As temperatures change with the season, it’s important to remember to try to stay cool. Don’t forget to take a break from warmer temperatures and follow heat safety precautions to avoid heat-related illness on National Heat Awareness Day on May 27th (and every day).

When you’re in extreme heat and humidity this spring and summer, take time to drink water, rest your body, use sunscreen and find shade. You can use your system and smart devices to make sure that your home stays cool during warm temperatures. Use the Google Nest Hub (2nd gen) or Google Nest Hub Max to control your compatible smart thermostats with your voice. You can also use a compatible smart thermostat with your Blue by ADT security system to help regulate your home’s air temperature. You’ll be able to adjust your home’s temperature on the go from your smartphone.

Google and Nest Mini, Nest Hub (2nd gen), and Nest Hub Max are trademarks of Google LLC. Nest Mini, Nest Hub (2nd gen), and Nest Hub Max require a Wi-Fi network, a nearby electrical outlet, a compatible mobile device, and a Google Account.