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Bookmark March for reading

March 01, 2021

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Put some spring into your step as you say goodbye to winter. This month, we have a few ideas about how to get your smart security system set for the spring season, and ways to get people pumped up about reading. Also, we thank doctors and healthcare workers for their vital work on the front lines of healthcare.

Reading books

Be shelf-aware about books

Book some time in your schedule for a chapter or two on Tuesday, March 2nd for National Read Across America Day. It’s a great time to catch up on your own reading list or help the kids catch up on theirs. This annual celebration was started by the National Education Association to encourage kids to get excited about literacy. Reading can be a fun activity for all ages. Whether you’re an e-reader or a page-turner, here are a few ways to celebrate the day:

  • Go digital. Swap names of favorite book titles with friends online and let them know how you like their recommendations once you’ve checked them out.
  • Make bedtime stories sweeter with hot chocolate. Read a favorite novel or kids book to someone you love. Add in a hot beverage to get cozy during story time.
  • Get into the great outdoors with a good book. See how many different outdoor places you can enjoy reading.
  • Stay in or go out. Safely explore the local library in person or check the library online for new titles. Start a virtual book club to connect with your friends.
  • Take a “shelfie” of your book collection and share it on social media. Find out who on your friend list has the same favs and make new book buddies so you can find new authors.
  • Long-distance literacy. Take turns reading a book aloud over a video call or phone call with a friend or family member.


Smart spring start

Save the dates. Daylight saving time is on the way, warmer weather is around the corner and spring starts soon. Don’t forget to set your clocks one hour ahead before bed on Saturday, March 14th, and celebrate the start of spring a few days later on Saturday, March 20th. Here are some additional seasonal reminders to consider after springing forward:

  • Damp weather is on the way. Consider adding a flood sensor to your Blue system to help alert you of flooding in attics, basements and other areas of your home that may be vulnerable to water. Use the sensor with the Blue by ADT app to get smartphone alerts if your home springs a leak. It’s also a way to help prevent long-term water damage at your place.
  • Refresh your user codes. Log into your Blue security system’s settings to be sure there aren’t any remaining codes you may have created for a former contractor, dog walker or babysitter who no longer stops by. Delete any codes you don’t need anymore.
  • Keep tabs on energy. In addition to helping to protect your home, a Blue system can help you become more in tune with your energy use. Sync your Blue system with smart lights or a smart thermostat and set custom rules to turn your lights or thermostat up or down based on time or temperature. You may be able to cut down the amount of electricity you use each month by having closer control. Blue works with many smart home automation devices, letting you control your home from virtually anywhere. Get smart home automation tips on our Support Center.


Thank you, docs

This month, we thank doctors and healthcare workers for their courage and dedication as they selflessly help patients every day. We especially thank doctors across the United States and the world for their tireless work during the pandemic over the past year.

Take a moment to thank your own doctors for all that they do during National Physicians Week from March 25th to the 31st or on National Doctor’s Day on Tuesday, March 30th. You can thank a doctor by expressing your gratitude in person, writing a thank you note, staying safe at home or donating your time as a volunteer with a healthcare-focused group.