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It’s DIY light savings time

November 01, 2020

Thank you to teachers

This month we’re offering ideas on how to bond with the fam on Thanksgiving while also saying thank you to veterans for their service to our country. Also, learn what you can do with smart lights and your system, and find out how to recycle old security batteries or devices.

World Teachers Day and National Do Something Nice Day

Shorter days, smarter lights

Daylight Saving Time ended on November 1st. Luckily, your smartphone sorted the time out for itself. If you have an analog clock or watch, we hope you remembered to turn it back one hour. As the days get shorter with less sunlight, you may need extra lights on around your home in the mornings and evenings. Blue DIY systems and cameras work with smart home automation to control your smart devices including indoor and outdoor lights. (That means you can use your system to control smart holiday lighting as well.)

Manage your system and turn off your home’s smart lights from virtually anywhere while using the Blue by ADT mobile app. Use your system to help with dimming, brightening, and switching your smart lights on or off. You can also put smart lights on timers to use less electricity, make it seem like you’re at home, or to keep the light on for your fur baby. Set your smart lights to go on when your system detects motion or when your smart locks open. Also, use a garage door smart light with your system so that you never forget to turn it off.

To get started, just connect your system or cameras to your compatible smart home devices. Blue systems work with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, IFTTT, or connect with Z-Wave Plus devices. Learn more about using smart lights and devices with your system or cameras.

National First Responders Day

Give thanks for all that matters most

We say thank you to veterans for their service to the country every day and especially on Veterans Day on November 11th. We’re grateful to the men and women who serve the United States and to those who previously served. If you have a friend or family member in the military, make sure to thank them.

Since it’s Thanksgiving on November 26th, we also want to give thanks for everything that matters most. Even if things are different this year, take time to talk to family members on a video call or in person from a safe distance. If you’re connecting virtually on Thanksgiving, play a family game, watch a shared movie, or work on a craft project over a video call. Get Grandma and Grandpa to tell your favorite family stories on a group video chat and record the memories to share and playback for your youngest family members. Have each member of your family join a regular phone call if not everyone has video chat or computers. Bonus: Take a walk or sit outside in the fall weather during your family phone call to get fresh air and exercise after feasting on turkey and pie.

HD do-it-yourself camera

Small steps to protect the planet

It’s easy to figure out how to recycle regular household items, but what about recyclables like batteries or old electronics? If you’re disposing of old security devices and batteries, we encourage you to think environmentally. Please recycle devices or old batteries according to any local waste and recycling laws. Much like cell phones, these items shouldn’t be disposed of with regular household waste or recycling. Here’s a tip for National Recycling Day on November 15th. To find a nearby battery recycling drop-off point, visit https://www.call2recycle.org/ and, in the "Find a drop-off location" field, enter your ZIP code. Sometimes it’s as easy as dropping the item at a participating home improvement store in your neighborhood.