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Why should December have all the fun? November has a gift for you

November 01, 2021

November Appreciation

This November is all about offerings. We’re offering our appreciation for your loyalty with free activation, free shipping, and $6 off monitoring.* We offer our heartfelt thanks to home caregivers during National Family Caregiver Month. We also offer a brief look at ADT Medical Alert systems – protection at home or on-the-go to adapt to any senior’s lifestyle. Lastly, we’ll give you a simple way to keep alert when it’s time to turn the clocks back early this month.

*Requires a monthly agreement. The customer will be billed monthly, excluding applicable taxes upon receipt of the unit. For additional details click here.


A message of gratitude

On behalf of the ADT family, I want to express my deepest appreciation to you for trusting us to protect what matters most in your life. I have had the honor of hearing from many of you over the years about how important the safety of your family and loved ones is at all times. This Thanksgiving, please know we are grateful you choose ADT to deliver peace of mind, allowing us to be the brand that makes your life easier, smarter, and protects what you value most. I hope the upcoming holiday season is one of gratitude and joy for you and your loved ones.

With Gratitude,
Jamie Haenggi, EVP and Chief Customer Officer at ADT

Caregivers Offer

Caring for a loved one? Enjoy ADT Medical Alert’s best offer ever

This National Family Caregiver Month and every month, we’re giving thanks for all that caregivers do for seniors and loved ones. From managing medications and doctors visits, to responding with compassion in emergency situations, to balancing work and taking care of the rest of the family, caregivers are the backbone of long-term care nationwide, and we’re grateful for their selfless, 24/7/365 work.

To show our support, please enjoy this special offer from all of us at ADT. ADT Medical Alert systems support the daily lives of caregivers by providing independence for seniors, as well as peace of mind backed by the largest network of security professionals in the United States. Caregivers can rely on the most trusted name in security to be there in any emergency for fast, reliable 24/7 help, and ADT Medical Alert offers a system to fit any senior’s lifestyle.

On-The-Go emergency response system
Provides freedom and peace of mind while at home or miles from it.

Medical Alert Plus system
Extended in-home range grants independence to those who love to garden or relax in the yard.

Medical Alert Basic system
Gives you or your loved ones the confidence needed to live alone and maintain independence when home.

Get out Best Offer Ever from ADT Medical Alert free activation, free shipping, and $6 off monitoring.*

Call 833-238-8425 and use promo code: BESTDEAL2021

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National Family Caregiver Month

November is National Family Caregiver Month and Daylight Savings Time

Daylight Savings Time is almost here on November 7th, and if you’re one of the many people who have trouble adjusting to the one-hour jump, we’ve got some tips on how to prepare and be flexible for any transition with the help of smart, flexible DIY home security from Blue by ADT.

  1. Zero clock confusion. Blue by ADT mobile app syncs your full system of smart home devices like Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa with ease, so the correct time will update automatically!
  2. Say “nighty night” to sleepiness. Prep ahead by going to bed at least a half hour earlier for the week leading up to Nov 7, giving your body enough time to adjust.
  3. Save on energy. Automated sensors can detect the exact second when you’ll need to use nighttime heating and indoor lighting.
  4. Never miss a beat. You don’t have to stop watching over your yard from your Outdoor Camera just because it’s getting darker and cooler. An extra battery pack keeps your camera powered to protect while your current battery charges – even in low temps.