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Styling your home security

February 26, 2021

Your home’s design is a reflection of you, and we know you want to represent your style all throughout your home. And when a necessity clashes with your décor, the frustration is real. Lucky for you, great home security doesn’t have to clash with your home’s interior design. Here at Blue, we offer sleek home security options that can fit any aesthetic. Check out some of our favorite interior design styles below, and see for yourself that any place is the right place for Blue.

Beachy boho

Beachy boho is quite a few notches up from the white walls, blue accent art and seashells you get from your typical beach house vibe. With key design features like heavily decorated walls, bright colors and classic beach-inspired décor (surfboards, shells and summer fruits, etc.), you’ll be living every day like it’s summer.

Our friend Kelli, @mango_manor, created the perfect embodiment of a beachy boho oasis in her home. Some of the focal points include a pop of teal paint, a plush mustard yellow velvet sofa and a cheery area rug. If we could, we’d cozy up in Mango Manor any day.


Colorful eclectic

If you’re craving something different and totally out of the box, a colorful, eclectic design style might just be perfect for you. Katie of @candycoloredhome has nailed the perfect marriage of a child’s dream home and adult practicality. When stepping into Katie’s home, you’ll find patterned walls, all kinds of art and abstract pieces and pops of color EVERYWHERE. The moment you step into Katie’s place, you’ll feel like a kid in a candy shop.

To make your very own colorful eclectic room, you can create a gallery wall of funky art, paint your walls with abstract watercolor designs and thrift unique vintage furniture. Play around with colors and patterns and mix-match to your heart’s desire. This is definitely a design style you can go crazy with and make completely you.


Indoor jungle

Do you eat, sleep and breathe plants? Yeah, us, too. Houseplants have been steadily becoming a popular interior design trend over the last few years, and for good reason—they’re gorgeous. Our friend Donovan from @hothouse.jungle shows off his plant collection on an abstract shelf in front of bright white walls, and a variety of vases and planters as vast as the sky. His home brings a jungle feel to the middle of the city.

Other great design choices that will complement your budding collection of plants are earthy, neutral-painted walls, natural wood and antique mirrors to help reflect natural light into your space. The key to achieving a true indoor jungle is obtaining enough plants to get lost in. Trust us, your guests won’t mind.


Minimalist boho

We love the bright, airy and clean vibes that come with minimalist design. Ashley from @modernly_you has done an outstanding job at capturing a serene, minimalist interior design aesthetic while still keeping her home warm and welcoming. Inside, you’ll find white walls with pops of black accents, light wood floors, contemporary furniture and the occasional plant.

If you want to achieve a minimalist boho design, we recommend a neutral area rug, rattan features, tan leather furniture and little to no pops of color. Lightly decorate walls and shelves with plants and neutral-toned artwork. A great way to achieve this look is to decorate with items you use, such as hats, bags and jewelry. This will help clear up clutter and make the most of the few items you have on display.


Modern farmhouse

For a while there, modern farmhouse was THE interior design style (we could thank a certain HGTV couple for that *wink wink*). Corey of @revealmydiy put her own spin on the design category, featuring grey walls with wainscoting, a traditional wood dining table, and of course, a crystal chandelier. Corey’s home is inviting and has just the perfect amount of southern charm.

There are many ways to achieve a modern farmhouse design, but some classics include horizontal white shiplap walls, mixed-color hardwood floors and black fixtures and accents. This design style is perfect for those who want a bright, clean look, but still want a LOT of decorations. Don’t forget the sliding barn door.

Modern farmhouse

Beachy minimalist

If you love a simple, clean look, then beachy minimalist may be the style for you. In her beachy minimalist living room, Eden of @loverlees features bare white walls, a cognac leather sofa and a rattan TV stand. Her living room is a bright and airy space with warm, tan furniture that creates a little slice of heaven.

Beige, cream or white walls are the base of a beautiful and bright beachy minimalist room. Other ways you can achieve this look is with large vases of pampas grass, fluffy, white lounge chairs and macramé wall art. While this style may be a little too plain for some, we think there is so much beauty in the simplicity.

Beachy minimalist

Did you spot the Blue by ADT camera in each design style? In some photos, it’s like playing Where’s Waldo. Your home security should make you feel secure while being discreet enough to blend right in. We want to see how you style your Blue by ADT cam. Be sure to tag us on social or use the hashtag #MyBlueCamMyStyle.