Can I Get a Security Camera for My Pet?

We all love our pets and want the best for them – so getting a security camera may be the best way to do that. A traditional security camera can help you to monitor your home as well as your pet.

Many people worry that a pet will trip the security camera and cause a false alarm, but there are ways to avoid this. Your dog is part of your family and you want to protect him, not make him the reason you don’t have protection. In many homes, a dog is part of the protection system anyway.

Sometimes, a pet can set off your motion sensor if it moves around, plays, barks at the mailman (or a leaf), or even goes to eat. With wireless systems or those that you can set up yourself, you can make it so that the motion sensor doesn’t detect something that is small. However, that may work if you have a pomeranian or a yorkie, but there are some dogs that are as tall as a human.

How Pets Interact With Home Security Systems

Home security companies spend a lot of time working on cameras and motion detectors that won’t go off if your pet walks around your house. They can do this through height and weight of the animal. They mostly use dogs for this, because then all of the animals that are smaller than dogs won’t trip the alarm either.

Sometimes, it takes trial and error. That is why most home security systems will check in on your home to see if everything is alright – they are used to dogs and cats setting off the motion sensors.

How a Security Camera For Your Pet Helps

Having a home security camera can also help to monitor your pet while he or she is at home. It can ensure that you know what your dog does throughout the day. If you have recently adopted a dog and want to see how he or she fares without you there, a camera can help. If you have an older pet or one that is sick, the camera can help you to keep your eye on him or her as well. Even better, you will be able to see if your pet has to go to the bathroom, eats his or her food, or plays all day while you are gone. If you have a dog walker that comes by, you will be able to ensure that you are getting the services that you pay for – whether it is a daily thing or just while you are on vacation.

Note that there are some systems that are made only for your pets. However, these tend to cost just as much as professional systems and provide less of the coverage.

Protect Everyone In Your Family – Including Your Family Pet