Do I Need a Security System in An Apartment?

Many people think that burglaries only occur at traditional homes, but that isn’t true at all. IN fact, the National Crime Prevention Council has found that apartments actually are burglarized 85% more than single family homes. There are many reasons for this – including proximity, opportunity, and the ability to tell whether or not someone is home.

As more and more people consider renting as the only option, security systems are quickly changing to fit apartments.

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Yes, You Need a Security System in An Apartment

Home security is needed wherever you make your home – whether that is a studio apartment or a mansion. Renters have the right to be safe within their homes and many have possessions that are just as valuable, if not more valuable, than people in homes. This is especially true in large cities where apartment living is virtually the only option.

Burglars have even more opportunity to get into your apartment than you may think. They can come in through doors and windows when they know that you aren’t home. Living so close allows people to track your movements so they know when you are going to work, when you come home, and when you are sleeping. Even worse, they can easily check to see if you are home.

The buzzer system at the door rarely works well and can only help a burglar tell if you are home or not.

Whether you own or rent your apartment, you deserve to be protected. You may have to talk to your landlord, but there is little chance that he or she will be against getting  security system for yourself.

Security Systems for Apartments

Some apartments don’t have the security that you need. That is why there are security systems for apartments that have been personalized. At Blue by ADT, our home security systems are personalized so that you can build them however you want. You get to pick the components that you want – how many cameras, the sensors, and the detectors.

With Blue by ADT, you get to put your system into your own apartment. Since our system is easy to install, you won’t have to do any damage so that you lose your security deposit. Nothing will leave a mark and you can even move everything with you from apartment to apartment if you move quite a bit.

Wireless Security Systems for Apartments

Wireless security systems for apartments are likely the best choice that you have because of the reasons mentioned above. You will be able to move it around, add to it, or even take parts away if you do move. Even better, if you do move from your apartment into a home, you can take it with you.

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