Home Security Systems – How Home Security Systems Keep You Safe

Home security systems put your mind at ease and help to keep everyone in your home safe. Blue by ADT home security systems will regularly keep your home monitored and safe, even if you aren’t there. When it comes to home security systems, investing in the best is one of the most important steps you can take to keep your family safe – in more ways than one.

Statistics show that when a home has a home security system installed, it is less likely to be targeted by burglars and thieves – and even if a home is broken into by a burglar, those that have home security systems suffer less financial and material loss than those that do not. Why? Burglars will spend less time in homes that have an alarm sounded by the home security systems than those that do not.

Home security systems must be high quality and trustworthy (like those from Blue by ADT are) in order for them to be effective – having home security systems that aren’t made up of quality parts or aren’t backed up by a reliable home security company is almost like having no home security systems at all.

The highest rated, most effective home security systems from Blue by ADT will have multiple components and a record of success that cannot be topped. Our home security systems will work when your power goes down, if your internet line has been cut, and even in the face of fire, water, and smoke.

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What Are Home Security Systems?

Homes security systems are defined by the name – they are systems that secure your home through different components, namely monitors and cameras. Blue by ADT home security systems come in different packages and tiers so that you can get the perfect fit for your home and family.

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How Do Home Security Systems Work?

Typically, home security systems will work with a basic principle: monitor the entry points of a home, namely the doors and windows. Blue by ADT goes above and beyond, creating advanced home security systems that also monitor valuables, such as art, computers, or collections, and your family, including pets and children. Regardless of the size of your home or what you have in it, home security systems work to protect what is important to you – with some variations on the extent of the components.

Home security systems are simple in concept, though complex in execution. Each part of the system is essential and necessary so that the home security systems run smoothly and offer continuous protection.

When a break-in occurs, there is a chain of events that occurs almost instantaneously thanks to the protection a Blue by ADT home security system puts into place.

Professional home security systems like Blue by ADT have a 24/7/365 monitoring with the reputable monitoring company from Blue by ADT. A trained security expert will try to communicate with you in multiple ways, via phone calls, texts, apps, or even into the home if it is set up for communication.

If our home security system detects an emergency such as a fire, carbon monoxide leak, or flood, the monitoring company will alert emergency response teams in your area. These typically include police, firefighters, and paramedics.

Having Blue by ADT home security systems in your home can save your life in many ways – and it is extremely easy to get started on that protection today.

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Parts of a Home Security System

A home security system is just that, a system that works together to monitor areas of your home and property without a break. Each of the elements of a home security system from Blue by ADT needs to function individually and separately as well – but there need to be systems in place for if one system were to go down. With a Blue by ADT home security system, each of our parts is put in place to prevent a gap in security, even if there is a breakdown somewhere in the system.

A typical home security system will include:

  • A control panel and keypad
  • Door and window sensors
  • Motion sensors on the inside and outside of the home
  • Wireless or wired security cameras
  • An alarm
  • A yard sign or window sticker to warn burglars

Keypads and Control Panels

The best home security system can have all of the bells and whistles, but there is one thing it needs to do: it needs to sound the alarm when someone you don’t want in your home tries to get inside, but it should be relatively easy for you to enter your home when you need to do so. Home security systems that don’t use the latest technology can be easy to hack or break into, which means that you need to work with a home security company that updates all of their software and hardware regularly. At Blue by ADT, we have 20 unique patents on our technology as added security for your home security.

For the homeowner, a control panel disarms home security systems as well. The design for the keypad is easy to use and can be digital, manual, work on voice commands, and even work with wireless key fobs or mobile apps.
One of the most critical elements of a home security system includes keypads and control panels that act as the brains of the system – it helps you to get in and out of your home without sounding the alarm. With Blue by ADT home security technology, you can disarm your security system from your car so that you aren’t standing outside and putting yourself in danger.

Door and Window Sensors

Door and window sensors are the main component of home security systems. They are installed in two pieces that are adjacent to each other. There are sensors in each part that monitor how close or far apart they are to each other – creating a home security circuit. Then, if they are separated, an alarm will sound.

Motion Sensors

Home security systems utilize motion sensors that create an invisible area that cannot be traversed without sounding the alarm. These are typically used in rooms with valuables as well as areas that you may not frequent as often.

Surveillance Cameras

Available in wired or wireless forms, surveillance cameras are part of home security systems and offer optimal levels of safety in all parts of your home as well as providing you with a bird’s eye view of your home at all times.

Home security systems with cameras are often used to check on children, pets, and elderly family members when you cannot be at home. They also help to monitor hard to see parts of your property, remote buildings, outdoor spaces, and garages.

Alarm System

Home security systems that utilize high-decibel alarms are effective because, in many cases, they will frighten the burglar and chase them away. If you live in an area where homes are close together, it could also tip off your neighbors.

If you are in the house and someone breaks in, the alarm will give you ample time to react and ensure that safety of your family.

Yard Signs/Window Stickers

When you, as an upstanding citizen, see “This Home is Protected By” signs, you probably think that it is a marketing ploy or that people get an exclusive deal for displaying them – but it is more than that. Just the presences of home security systems in homes is enough to make many burglars and thieves move onto the next house.

These signs, especially for companies that are known to provide superior home security systems, effectively convey a message before someone even steps onto your property lines.

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Mobile Home Security Systems Monitoring

Home security systems and surveillance cameras are increasingly “smart,” offering the opportunity to be accessed remotely using tablets, computers, and smartphones. This gives you the chance to monitor your home when you are out of town, when you are waiting for an important delivery, or when you have services performed on your home.

Even more, many parents feel a sense of peace when they can ensure that their younger children get home safely and their older children aren’t using the car without permission or having parties when you aren’t home – which is why Blue by ADT “Live Monitoring” is so important.

Even better, with a home security system package that allows for footage storage, you are able to record behaviors and even get photos of burglars.

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