How Can I Prevent Package Theft?

There is no one set way to prevent package theft. However, you can be smart about when you get your packages delivered, how quickly you pick them up, and how you monitor your home. The sad truth is that nearly one-third of Americans have had their packages stolen over the last year – and that number keeps growing as we increasingly depend on online delivery.

Of course, there are obvious ways to prevent package theft: do not get more than one package to be delivered at a time, don’t order anything that is extremely expensive, pay attention to tracking, get a “sign for delivery” option, and don’t order when you won’t be able to be home within 12-hours to pick it up.

Whether you have an Amazon addiction or you order your groceries to be delivered, it is a problem. Thankfully, there are some solutions.

Deliver to Store

If you tend to shop from the same stores, you can get your packages delivered to those retail locations near you. This is easy for big box stores, but you can also get them delivered to Amazon Lockers or even held for you at the post office. You’ll have to do some research, but it will pay off when you never have your packages stolen.

Get Your Packages Deliver To Someone Who Is Home

Have a neighbor that doesn’t work? Or live near your retired parents? If you get your packages delivered to someone else who is more likely to be home, it is less likely that your package is stolen.

Get a Security System

One of the best ways to catch a package thief is to get a security system. When you have a security camera, including one that is visible, will help to deter anyone who walks up to your home to take your package.

Even if you only have a camera that the burglar doesn’t see, it will allow you to know when you got your package. This means that you can run home on a break to pick up the package, or you can call a trusted neighbor to move the package or take it into their home until you can pick it up. You can even, if you have a good home security system, unlock the door remotely so that your neighbor can put it in your home.

Prevent Package Theft With a Security System