Professional 24/7 monitoring + custom alerts

With ADT’s pro monitoring experts watching your back, you have access to the largest network of 24/7 monitoring centers and get round-the-clock emergency alerts sent to you and the authorities.

Want to do it your way? It’s all good. Just choose our no contract self-monitoring option.

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DIY monitoring

  • Checkmark icon Self monitoring only
  • Checkmark icon Mobile alerts and notifications
  • Checkmark icon Wi-Fi
  • X icon Cellular backup
  • X icon Alerts authorities and you in an alarm event

Best protectionBest protection

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24/7 professional monitoring

  • Checkmark icon Professional monitoring by ADT
  • Checkmark icon Mobile alerts and notifications
  • Checkmark icon Wi-Fi
  • Checkmark icon Cellular backup
  • Checkmark icon Alerts authorities and you in an alarm event
  • Checkmark icon First month free* then $19.99 a month plus tax. No term contract (Monthly).

*Receive 30 days of free monitoring service. If you do not cancel within your 30-day trial period, it will auto-renew and charge you the monthly rate for your plan plus tax. Cancel anytime by clicking on the cancellation link in your Order Confirmation email.

††If you purchase a system with a camera and choose Blue by ADT’s self-monitoring option you will receive free camera storage for 30 days. At the end of your 30-day trial period you may renew your camera storage option at Blue by ADT’s standard charges, billed monthly. Failure to renew at the end of the 30-day trial period will result in the termination of camera storage and the loss of any media stored through Blue by ADT older than 24 hours. At the end of the trial period, if you fail to renew your camera storage option, your video will only be stored for 24 hours. Customers choosing to self-monitor will not have cellular backup.

If you skip professional monitoring and you choose Blue by ADT’s “Self-Monitoring” option, you acknowledge: (I) that the services received by you do not include monitoring services; (II) emergency or other telephone numbers will not be called in the event that your system is triggered.

Free* 1st month of 24/7 pro monitoring! No long term contracts.

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Here’s why ADT monitoring is the real deal

Self-monitoring 24/7 Pro monitoring
24/7 emergency alerts to you and authorities X icon Checkmark icon
24/7 police, fire and medical response X icon Checkmark icon
24/7 fire, CO and flood monitoring X icon Checkmark icon
3 layers of backup: Wi-Fi, cellular signal and cellular text X icon Checkmark icon
Panic button to alert the monitoring center in an emergency X icon Checkmark icon
Alert the monitoring center silently if you feel threatened in your home X icon Checkmark icon
Save on insurance** X icon Checkmark icon
No long-term contracts Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Custom alerts Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Unique codes Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
App functionality Checkmark icon Checkmark icon
Remote arm/disarm Checkmark icon Checkmark icon

**Check with your insurance carrier for eligibility

24/7 good vibes with pro monitoring

Our nationwide monitoring centers are backed up with generators and are fully redundant to help you protect what you love most from burglary, fire, CO, and flood 24/7—even if the power goes out.

With pro monitoring, you’ll get 3 layers of protection (Wi-Fi, cellular signal, & cellular text) or 1 layer with self-monitoring (Wi-Fi).

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Burglary/Fire/CO2/Water icons
Monitoring plans

How professional monitoring services work

Add 24/7 pro monitoring services to your security system to help keep tabs on your home with:

  • Nationwide network of ADT-owned monitoring centers
  • Remote arming from virtually anywhere
  • Panic and duress modes
  • Custom notifications for all system events
  • 3 layers of protection

Pro monitoring may qualify you for homeowners or renters insurance discounts.**

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**Check with your insurance carrier for eligibility

What if I choose

Our self-monitoring option lets you keep tabs on your home via our mobile app. This option does not offer cellular backup, which means if your internet or power goes down, you will not get alarm alerts.

Remember that DIY self-monitoring doesn’t include professional monitoring services, so no emergency or other phone numbers will be called if your system is triggered.

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What our customers are saying:

Frequently asked questions: home security monitoring

With professional monitoring, you get 24/7 emergency services and may be able to save on homeowners or renters insurance. Use pro monitoring to help protect your home, family, and pets from burglary, fire, flood, and CO. Get the benefit of panic and duress modes to notify authorities behind the scenes in case a burglar enters your home behind you. Both the professional and self-monitoring options offer custom alerts and unique keypad entry codes so that you know about alarm events and who is entering/exiting your home.

Self-monitoring does include system alarm alerts using your FREE Blue by ADT app. This DIY option doesn’t include pro monitoring notifications or cellular backup, so please remember that no emergency or other telephone numbers will be called if your system is triggered and your home’s WiFi or power is down.

Yes. Your cameras come with 1-day video storage. You may choose to add a 60-day video storage plan to your home security with your mobile app. Use it to view and save your home’s security camera surveillance footage whenever you need it.

There’s no need to buy all new LifeShield home security equipment for 24/7 professional monitoring protection. You can get pro monitoring services with your existing LifeShield home security system and Blue by ADT camera equipment. Sign up today or contact us to learn more.

The monitoring center will confirm an alarm event at your home by calling you or one of your predetermined emergency contacts. If there is a verified alarm event and you or your emergency contacts can’t be reached, the monitoring center will immediately contact your local emergency services dispatch center to alert them of the emergency and your location. At this time, response time is determined by your local dispatch center and emergency responders. The speed of emergency dispatch depends upon the local dispatch center’s reaction time, emergency responder availability, and the distance it takes to travel to your home. Learn more about alarm events.

Of course! We can set you up with a 7-Day Practice Period (test mode) while you first try out your easy-to-use home security equipment. Test mode disables monitoring services. In the case of an alarm event in test mode, the alarm signal is prevented from going to the central monitoring station. Learn more.

We offer several preventative settings to help you avoid false alarms when you use professional monitoring services with your home security system and cameras. Find out more.

The panic button and duress code are tools to help protect you in case of an emergency. Either option directly notifies the connected monitoring center which immediately dispatches emergency services to your home for your safety. Learn more.

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