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DirecTV Sells Off LifeShield

July 28, 2017

DirecTV acquired DIY wireless home security company in 2013

Hawk Capital Partners said it has acquired LifeShield, a company that specializes in DIY wireless home security products and services, from DirecTV. Financial terms were not announced.

DirecTV acquired LifeShield in 2013. LifeShield subscribers tripled over a two-year period, the companies said, but didn’t cite a figure. 

DirecTV’s decision to divest LifeShield came after DirecTV merged with AT&T in July 2015. AT&T markets and sells its own home security and automation platform, called AT&T Digital Life.

The sell-off follows a recent string of deals and in the fragmented home security sector. Among recent examples, Comcast and Alarm.com acquired different parts of Icontrol in March. EchoStar, meanwhile, tried its hand at the DIY home security market with a product called Sage By Hughes, but exited the business last fall.

Tied to its acquisition, Hawk Capital Partners has appointed David Tanzer as LifeShield, a company that was founded in 2004. Tanzer, late of The Noodle Companies, GT Brands and Primedia Consumer Magazines, will look to expand LifeShield’s customer base through digital and traditional direct marketing channels and seek out marketing partnerships.

“After AT&T acquired DIRECTV and decided to divest LifeShield, I leapt at the opportunity to own this great technology and brand once again,” said Mike Hagan, the managing partner of Hawk Capital Partners, who also owned, alongside a group of investors, and ran LifeShield prior to its sale to DirecTV.

Publication Source: Multichannel News