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LifeShield bolsters its home security system with a new video doorbell at CES

January 07, 2019

Pennsylvania-based LifeShield has been a pretty robust player in the home security market since it was founded in 2004, but its bread and butter has always been its proprietary home security system. Now it looks as though LifeShield will aim to shake up CES 2019 by augmenting its advanced wireless security system with a brand-new video doorbell. The device joins a host of video doorbell products being unveiled at CES 2019, but each has its own unique charms.

It’s a pretty nifty gizmo, at least on paper so far. It will be available for purchase at LifeShield.com in the second quarter of 2019, followed by a retail rollout to Amazon, Home Depot, and Groupon, along with new lower-priced security offerings from the company.

While the LifeShield HD Video Doorbell is packing some pretty sophisticated technology under the hood, it also looks like a nice, intuitive video doorbell that satisfies the basic requirements of most smart home enthusiasts. It operates via Wi-Fi but LifeShield offers a nice installation option in being able to charge either through a hardwire or through an optional rechargeable battery.

The camera is a standard 1080p high-definition video camera that can record and store media clips so users can watch footage live or on demand at their convenience. The camera’s motion-detection technology can distinguish between people and other objects, preventing unnecessary notifications and recordings. If someone comes to the door, the owner receives a push notification with a video preview of the live event.

In terms of compatibility with all your other smart home devices, LifeShield’s HD Video Doorbell turns out pretty well with voice support with Amazon Alexa, and integration with Google Assistant to enable customers to use voice commands to arm and disarm the system, lock doors, adjust lighting, and manage thermostats. For DIY smart-home owners, customers can also mess around with the IFTTT rules engine to combine commands with other devices around the smart home.

The home security system that the new doorbell is meant to augment is also certified to work with all devices that are Z-Wave compatible, such as smart lights, locks, thermostats and garage doors through iOS, Android and web applications.

Finally, the new video doorbell from LifeShield includes some nifty customization options thanks to a new LifeShield Rules Engine that allows customers to automate their security and other smart home devices by creating custom rules. LifeShield, being primarily a home security services company, also gains an advantage over other out-of-the-box devices by offering professional installation services thanks to its partnership with MasTec Advanced Technologies.

While the new device is rolling out after the holidays, the folks at LifeShield are painfully aware of the recent rash of thefts from front porches, noting that a recent report estimated that 26 million Americans have had packages stolen from their homes during the holiday season.

“With the shift toward online shopping behavior, package delivery has spawned a new crop of porch pirates and stoop surfers in the U.S. As a result, we know homeowners, more than ever, are seeking better visibility to protect what’s happening both inside and outside their homes,” said John Owens, recently named as the new CEO of LifeShield, in a release. “Our new video doorbell adds to our vision to make LifeShield smart home security truly an end-to-end solution for security-savvy homeowners.”

Publication Source: Digital Trends