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Lifeshield Home Security System Review

May 24, 2018

When shopping for a home security system you want to install yourself, always start with two questions: What devices come with the system to protect your home? And two: Does the company you’re considering have expertise in the home security system — and if so, for how long and what is their record? Lifeshield is company with years of experience in the home security space — but now has a new version tailored more to the do-it-yourself (DIY) market. We put the system to the test in a real home over the past few weeks to see if how it worked.

What is Lifeshield Home Security system?

Based in Pennsylvania, Lifeshield Home Security Systems is a home security system acquired by DirecTV in 2013. The original founders wrangled the company back in 2017 after DirecTV had to sell it following its own acquisition by AT&T. That’s when Lifeshield got a refresh, with new features and functions. Recently the company was sold to ADT and is part of ADT’s DIY home security package.

We were able to test in a real home over the past few weeks. Here is what we found from its new DIY home security system.

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Although you install Lifeshield yourself, the home security system is professionally monitored, and integrates with a number of smart home devices. There use to be two home security packages, starting with an entry level option called Security Essentials which includes almost everything you need — except for a security camera. You do get window stickers, a yard sign, a fire safety sensor, a base unit (with 105db siren meeting UL), an entry keypad, a keychain remote, a wireless security touchpad, as well as motion, door and window sensors. Want a security camera? You need to upgrade to Lifeshield’s Security Advantage which is the basic package plus an indoor security camera, cloud video storage and additional motion, door and window sensors.

Recently, the company replaced the Security Essentials and Security Advantage bundles with four new security bundles for consumers to build their own security system with connected devices of their choosing. Each has their own focus, includes a security touchpad for free for a month. The bundles are Shield, Secure, Safeguard and Build Your Own Security Set. You can learn more about each of these bundles by visiting GearBrain’s LifeShield now lets you design your own smart home security system

All Lifeshield Home Security Systems can connect to up to 50 sensors, and uses a Wi-Fi connection plus an advanced radio frequency connection to speak to all the devices in the system. You can also connect to other devices over a Z-Wave plus wireless connection, or by using either Amazon Alexa or IFTTT.

Publication Source: GearBrain