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LifeShield Security Coming Soon Customers Can Use Google Assistant to Control Their Smart Home as LifeShield Strengthens Home Automation Offering in Smart Home – SecurityInfoWatch

January 16, 2019

LAS VEGAS (PRWEB) JANUARY 07, 2019 — LifeShield, a leader in advanced wireless home security systems, announced the addition of a Google Assistant skill to its line of security and smart home services that easily integrates with LifeShield, and will be available soon at no additional cost to customers. Once available, smart devices connected through the LifeShield S30 base can be controlled using voice commands through the latest Google Assistant LifeShield action and Smart Home action in addition to Alexa and IFTTT.com (If This Then That).

With this integration, customers can command their Google Assistant to arm their security system, lock doors, adjust their lighting and turn their thermostats up or down. The decision to add support for Google Assistant came as a result of the LifeShield team thoughtfully listening to customer feedback and requests for the integration after announcing customers could control their Amazon Alexa device through the LifeShield system.

LifeShield has additionally developed its own rules engine that puts homeowners in full control of their home security and automation system. The newly developed LifeShield rules engine provides homeowners the ability to customize local automation for their smart home devices and security system such as scheduling when to turn the lights on and off, lock or unlock doors (even shut the garage door), adjust the thermostat and, most importantly, arm and disarm their system. Customers can set conditions on specific rules such as a day of the week or time of day, whether the system is armed or disarmed, or even if a window is open to prevent an air conditioner going on and wasting money. The rules can also trigger multiple actions like controlling automation devices, sending notifications, recording video clips, or arming/disarming their security system.

“Our customers want to get information they need about their home without slowing down. Through Google Assistant voice control, we have added another way for customers to arm and control their devices, interacting with LifeShield in whatever way is easiest for them at any given moment,” explained Doug Bellenger, Chief Product Officer at LifeShield.

LifeShield will be demonstrating its Google Assistant voice integration for the first time ahead of CES 2019 at Pepcom’s Digital Experience! media event. As part of LifeShield’s presentation at Pepcom, its top home security experts will demonstrate the company’s new doorbell camera and comprehensive sensor offerings, including fire safety sensors, flood/temperature sensors and glass break sensors. Additionally, LifeShield will be showcasing its ability to integrate, through Z-Wave and IFTTT, with home automation devices such as locks, plug-in appliance and dimmer modules, and thermostats.

About LifeShield: LifeShield was the first national, professional grade and professionally monitored wireless home security system to use an easy to set up “plug and protect” process, providing superior home protection and the best value in total home security. LifeShield’s exclusive design incorporates multiple layers of protection through high-speed Internet, cellular signal, text and landline phone that delivers faster response times, reaching the monitoring station in seconds. To learn more about LifeShield, visit https://www.LifeShield.com, or call us at 1-877-529-1765.

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