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LifeShield Unveils Video Doorbell, Google Assistant Integration

January 07, 2019

LifeShield will be demonstrating its new HD Video Doorbell and Google Assistant integration ahead of CES 2019.

LAS VEGAS —  LifeShield announces the release of a video doorbell, which integrates directly with the LifeShield home security system.

The WiFi-enabled doorbell camera features full 1080p HD video resolution and two-way audio support. Homeowners can view and interact with visitors through the LifeShield mobile app or security touchpad.

The video doorbell can be installed and operated through hardwire or via an optional rechargeable battery.

LifeShield says the video doorbell features a day and night vision mode that allows homeowners see approaching visitors at any time of the day, including in low light or cloudy conditions.

Through the LifeShield home security system, homeowners can record and store media clips, and watch them live on-demand. The camera’s motion detection technology is said to be able to distinguish between people and other objects, preventing unneeded notifications and recordings.

“With the shift toward online shopping behavior, package delivery has spawned a new crop of porch pirates and stoop surfers in the U.S. As a result, we know homeowners, more than ever, are seeking better visibility to protect what’s happening both inside and outside their homes,” says John Owens, CEO at LifeShield. “Our new video doorbell adds to our vision to make LifeShield smart home security truly an end-to-end solution for security-savvy homeowners.”

Last August, LifeShield announced it expanded its partnership with MasTec Advanced Technologies to offer professional installation services to its customers.

LifeShield Google Integration

Lifeshield also announces it has added a Google Assistant skill to its line of security and smart home services. Once available, smart devices connected through the LifeShield S30 base can be controlled using voice commands through the latest Google Assistant LifeShield action and smart home action in addition to Alexa and IFTTT.com (If This Then That).

With the Google Assistant integration, customers can ask to arm their security system, lock doors, adjust their lighting and turn their thermostats up or down.

LifeShield also developed its own rules engine that provides homeowners the ability to customize local automations for their smart home devices and security system, such as scheduling when to turn the lights on and off, lock or unlock doors, shut the garage door, adjust the thermostat, and arm and disarm their system.

“Our customers want to get information they need about their home without slowing down. Through Google Assistant voice control, we have added another way for customers to arm and control their devices, interacting with LifeShield in whatever way is easiest for them at any given moment,” says Doug Bellenger, chief product officer at LifeShield.

The new LifeShield HD video doorbell and Google Assistant integration will be demonstrated at Pepcom’s Digital Experience media event ahead of CES 2019 on Jan. 7. The video doorbell will be available for purchase on LifeShield’s website in the second quarter of 2019.

Publication Source: Security Sales & Integration