Looking for an Alternative to ADT? Check Out Our DIY Solution!

Did you know on average, 81% of burglaries occur on the first floor, 22% through the back door, and 23% through a window? With these numbers in mind, many homeowners are looking for ways to increase security and have more autonomy over their home’s safety features. 

Many existing top protection home security systems, like ADT, need professional installation. They can also have lengthy contracts and a higher price tag to help keep your system monitored and up to date. What if there is another option that’s convenient, customizable, and offers top security protection?

If you want a home security system that is a bit more flexible and affordable, you may be considering other alternatives to ADT… But you needn’t look any further than our DIY solution, Blue by ADT! It’s a DIY (do-it-yourself) home security system. Blue offers high-quality, personalized safety you can set up all on your own!

Easy to Set-Up

DIY home security systems get their name from their ability to be set up easily and on your own time without professional assistance. By using a DIY security system, you can get total home protection. You won’t need inconvenient appointments or highly-priced installation fees.

Blue by ADT can be set up in less than an hour without any heavy-duty tools required. The components that need the most set-up will only need basic tools like a screwdriver. The easier components can be plugged into a power source. Plus, each DIY home security system comes with setup instructions to help guide you along the way!

If you end up moving, there is no need to call a professional to take down your devices and schedule another appointment to put them back up in your new home. You can easily unplug, or unscrew your indoor and outdoor cameras and motion sensors. Their lightweight design also allows you to travel with them to your next adventure with ease. 

Choosing a DIY Security System

Conventional security systems, like ADT, have two or three different package levels. Each package will increase by price and offer different features. However, these packages don’t leave much room for customization. 

When choosing a DIY system as an alternative to traditional ADT security, you have the opportunity to choose which products work best for your home. Whether you live in a four-bedroom standalone home or a one-bedroom apartment, you can purchase as many add-ons as you need to feel your safest. DIY home security systems are meant to grow and evolve with you as you do. 

Customize Your Own System

Here at Blue by ADT, we offer a “Build Your Own” option to further customize your home security system. This option includes a keypad “hub” and mobile app, as well as the ability to pick and choose how many extra sensors and cameras you’d like.

Purchase state-of-the-art doorbell cameras with night vision. Blue indoor cameras also come with Fire/CO and siren detectors. The Blue outdoor cameras are rechargeable and wireless. You can also add pet-friendly motion sensors for doors and windows. Consider adding flood and temperature sensors to spot water damage.

You can also choose to add security signs and stickers for your windows and front lawn. According to police officers, burglars will typically move on to other homes if they see you have a high-end security system in place. 

Already have a Blue by ADT system but need more coverage? You can also purchase products separately if you feel the need to add more to your system as you go.

Not sure how to build your own system? Try one of our starter pack options to help take the guesswork out of what you might need for your home! Choose between the Starter System pack, or purchase additional motion sensors for your doors and windows with the Starter Plus System pack. 

Our Blue product offerings are just one of the reasons why DIY home security systems are quickly becoming the best alternatives to ADT security. 

Home Monitoring Options

To further customize your DIY system, we offer two home monitoring options. You can choose between DIY/Self Monitoring or 24/7 Professional Monitoring. Having these two options available instead of one is a huge plus when choosing home security alternatives to ADT. Each option has its pros and cons and you are free to choose whichever option is right for you. 

Put the power in your own hands with the self-monitoring option. This option allows you to receive alarm alerts straight to your phone via the free Blue by ADT mobile app. One important thing to note when choosing self-monitoring is the absence of cellular backups. This means, if your internet or power goes down, you will not receive these alarm alerts to your phone.

It’s also important to remember that DIY self-monitoring doesn’t automatically call emergency numbers if your alarm system is triggered. It’s up to you to make those calls if an emergency occurs. 

We also offer 24/7 professional monitoring, available for only $19.99 a month with no long-term contracts required. Unlike many other security systems, our month-to-month professional monitoring plan gives you a flexible option when choosing how you’d like to keep tabs on your home while you’re away.

Unlike self-monitoring, professional monitoring sends emergency notifications to the authorities if and when necessary. It also includes cellular backup to make sure you always get alerted, even in the case of a power outage. You can even get your first month of 24/7 professional monitoring for free so you can try it before beginning your monthly plan.

Smart Device Capability

Similar to other home security systems, Blue by ADT is compatible with your smart devices. As you shop for your 2021 security systems, consider adding a Google Nest Mini, our newest addon feature, when purchasing any Blue by ADT device or system.

With this capability, you can sync your system with your current smart home devices to allow for total voice home control. This includes, but is not limited to, the ability to arm and disarm your system with just your voice. This feature also works with Amazon Alexa and other popular smart devices.

Don’t forget that your Blue devices will be connected to your Wi-Fi network so you can get instant alerts about activity within your home from virtually anywhere. 

Video Features

If you’re looking for more autonomy over your home security system, it’s important to be sure you have high-quality video footage at your fingertips. 

A huge plus of the Blue cameras is the live video stream feature. Not only are you able to check on your home in real-time, but the 1080p HD quality comes through crystal clear. You can also access this footage wherever you are right through the free Blue by ADT mobile app. 

Another important video feature comes with the doorbell camera. With this camera, you can see your home’s visitors clearly and safely from anywhere. The doorbell camera also comes with facial recognition, night vision, and push notifications with video previews.

Need to check in with your pet or roommate while you’re away? You can also take advantage of our camera’s two-way talk feature, with added noise cancellation, to distinctly hear and speak to visitors inside your home. With this feature, you can speak to delivery drivers and mailpersons at your front door.

With our high-quality video camera footage, you can feel a sense of security knowing that you have an eye on your home from anywhere. 

Security with Style 

Not only are our devices safe and secure, but they are also sleek, and stylish. You can choose between two color preferences, pearl gray and graphite, to even further customize your home security system. 


Our indoor cameras are discreet enough to be placed wherever you need them without seeming obvious or clashing with your home decor. Discover more tips on how you can style your home security system to match your unique home design, from boho to modern!

Award-Winning Security

Our DIY home security system spoke for itself at CES 2020, winning the Best Smart Home Security System. At CES 2021 we were also honored with an Innovation Award. 

Experts from Digital Trends have also recognized us for having The Best Video Doorbell in 2020. In addition, Security Today named our Blue Doorbell Camera a “2020 New Product of the Year”. 

With our commitment to bringing you the best home security system available, we hope to continue hearing amazing feedback from experts in the industry.

Best Alternatives to ADT

Here at Blue, we are dedicated to keeping our customers feeling safe and secure while they are home or away. This is why we continue to innovate in the DIY home security space to bring you the best alternatives to ADT security. 

If you’re in the market for a 2021 security system, considering making the switch to DIY systems or devices. Discover our Blue by ADT products and security system packs today!