4 Benefits of Having an Apartment Security Camera

Each year there are around 2.5 million burglaries in the United States. Homes and apartment complexes that don’t have a security system in place are 300% more likely to get burglarized. You and your belongings deserve to be safe within your home or apartment. 

An apartment security camera can significantly reduce the likelihood of your residence being broken into. It’ll also give you peace of mind knowing that your investments are protected. Whether you’re a landlord or an individual tenant, having security cameras are essential to preventing burglaries. 

This guide will go over the top four benefits of having an apartment security camera. Protect yourself and your property by reducing vandalism and theft. 


1. Improve Your Tenant’s Lifestyle


Your tenants want to feel comfortable and safe when they’re at home. Security cameras can provide that feeling to your residents. 

You can have a security camera for an apartment door, as well as these other locations:

  • Courtyards
  • Green spaces
  • Pools
  • Exits
  • Entrances
  • Hallways
  • Parking garages/lots

This will encourage residents to participate in activities in communal spaces. They’ll know that their safety is their landlord’s top priority. Install the cameras in plain view with signage so everyone is aware of them. 

Additionally, you’ll be able to attract better residents to your apartment complex when they know there’s a thorough security system in place. It’ll improve your apartment complex’s curb appeal. Security cameras will also set you apart from the competition. 

Current tenants will also want to stay longer knowing they’re living in a secure property. 


2. Avoid Landlord Liability


When you provide security cameras on your property, you’ll protect yourself better against lawsuits. As a property owner or landlord, you’re at risk of being held responsible for injuries or damages that occur on your property. Having video evidence at your disposal can help in those cases. 

It is legal to install security cameras at your apartment complex. There are some apartment security camera laws to keep in mind. Visible surveillance cameras in common areas fall within your rights as a landlord, but there are some areas you shouldn’t have cameras installed. 

In most states in the US, you can’t install cameras in areas where your tenants expect privacy. Those areas can include:

  • Bathrooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Changing rooms

Some states have strict laws when it comes to audio recordings from security cameras. All parties recorded need to be aware that video surveillance is taking place. If a tenant is recorded with audio without their permission, it can lead to legal troubles. 


3. Prevent Damage to Your Property


If a unit has been vacant or unoccupied for a while, it can sometimes get exploited by neighbors. People could break into the unit or use the outdoor/patio space without your knowledge. Parking spaces assigned to that unit can get used by others as well. 

Surveillance cameras can help you avoid situations like this. By placing them in those common areas, you can monitor if people are in areas they shouldn’t be. The last thing you need when trying to rent out a unit is for it to become damaged by people using the space. 


4. Improve the Value of Your Property


When the time arrives for you to sell your apartment complex, having a security system installed will increase the value of your property. Keep the system up to date so it has the latest technology. A security system will be a major selling point for you. 

You’ll also be able to charge higher rent to your tenants. People are willing to pay more for this amenity. Highlight your security system when you conduct tours and list available units. 


Landlord Insurance Policies


As a landlord, you’ll need an insurance policy. Whether you’re renting out units in a complex or a couple of apartments in a duplex, you need something more than your homeowner’s insurance. 

There are some crossovers between landlord and homeowners insurance. The main difference is that landlord insurance covers the property while someone is renting it.

Homeowners insurance doesn’t. Most of the time, a majority of the coverage ends after the owner stops living in a unit. Landlord insurance is specifically designed to protect a structure when the owner doesn’t live in it. 

If you have multifamily security cameras installed, you’ll want to make sure your policy has protection for your personal property. The security cameras belong to you and if something happens to them, you’ll want that covered. Keep in mind that this type of coverage doesn’t include your personal property that’s not being used for maintenance. 


How to Choose an Apartment Security Camera System


When you start looking for apartment security cameras, you want to look for a system that records 24/7. You should also look for cameras that record on motion. This ensures that your cameras aren’t recording when there isn’t anything going on. 

You can also set up the system to send you an alert when a car or person goes into a certain area. The system should be set up so you can review the video footage remotely. Many modern systems let you watch footage from your mobile device or smartphone. 

It should also provide you with high-resolution images and videos. You don’t want to invest in a system, only to find out you get grainy footage. It’ll make it more difficult for you to monitor the footage and seek action when crimes occur. 

The security cameras should have the ability to be installed in a variety of places. As we mentioned before, you’ll want cameras in all the common areas of your apartment complex. They’ll need to stand up to hot and color temperatures and weather changes. 


Crime Prevention Techniques for Apartment Complexes


The likelihood of an apartment complex being broken into varies from location to community. The ways you prevent crimes in an apartment complex differ from those for a house. In addition to installing security cameras, there are ways to prevent theft and vandalism on your property. 


Locate Easy Targets in Your Complex

There are numerous access points for a burglar to access a single-family residence. When a burglar looks for an apartment complex or home to break into, they usually evaluate a few different things:

  • Visibility
  • Familiarity
  • Convenience
  • Occupancy
  • Vulnerability
  • Accessibility

Burglars don’t typically target an occupied residence. Apartments on the ground floor of a complex are common targets since they’re easily accessible. 

Getting to know all of your neighbors can help reduce the likelihood of a unit being burglarized. Burglars will sometimes routinely knock on doors or ring doorbells to see when a resident is usually not at home.

Let your tenants know that if they plan on being away from their unit for a long period of time to inform their neighbors. That way the neighbors can be on the lookout for suspicious activity. 


Entry Methods

It’s difficult for a burglar to kick down the door of an apartment. Neighbors are more apt to hear them since the units are close together. There’s also usually one entry door in apartment units. 

Sometimes a burglar will enter an apartment with a key. A landlord is supposed to change the locks of an apartment between tenants, but they don’t always do that. Ensure you have the locks changed after each person moves out. 

Sliding patio doors are common in apartment units. People sometimes forget to lock them. If the unit is on the ground floor, a burglar can enter through an unlocked window. 

Encourage your tenants to keep their doors and windows locked at all times, especially if they’re on the ground floor. 


Can My Tenants Install Cameras Inside Their Units?


In short, yes your tenants can install cameras inside their apartments. You should encourage them to install apartment security cameras that they can install without hard-wiring or drilling. Caution them that doing so could risk them losing their security deposit. 

Recommend that they place a camera that sits up high on a window sill, shelf, or countertop. If there are multiple points of entry into a unit, they should have a camera facing each one. You can also recommend that they get a camera that has facial recognition technology so it’ll learn how lives in the unit and won’t record when someone is frequently there. 

With security cameras on both the outside and inside of an apartment, your tenants will feel more secure. You’ll be able to monitor the outside while they can review footage from the inside of their unit. 


Install ADT Security Cameras in Your Apartment Complex


Your residents and property need to be protected from vandalism and theft. An apartment security camera can give everyone the peace of mind that they’re living in a safe and secure environment. As a landlord, they give you extra protection and let you monitor your complex from afar. 

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