Benefits of Home Security Cameras – Yes They’re Worth It

All homeowners will sooner or later ponder, should I bother getting security cameras? Are they really worth the effort? 


Blue by ADT designs security cameras so anyone can set them up in mere minutes. We also keep costs low and help customers avoid long-term commitments. Yet the ultra-convenience of modern security cameras still doesn’t fully address the question, are they worth it


To help you answer the question for yourself, this article dives into the many advantages that come with today’s security cameras, including those which may be less obvious.  


Beneficial Uses of Security Cameras include:



  • Helping to keep your place and family safe. Just the sight of cameras set up outside your home could make it less of a target for crime. If an intruder robs your house or apartment, you can turn over video footage to the police to bring the intruders to justice. 



  • Greeting visitors. There are plenty of people you may want to communicate with when they come to the door. Perhaps you will want to explain to a delivery driver where to place a package. You can say hello to the house cleaner and provide the code to get inside. Blue by ADT Security cameras’ two-way voice feature makes it easy. 



  • Recognizing familiar faces when they come to the door, no matter the time of day. First-rate features like facial recognition and night vision grant the visibility you need.  



  • Capturing precious memories. Unexpected, precious moments happen all the time. A family of foxes may play on the front porch. A baby takes her first step. A bowl falls but Dad makes a miraculous save. Security cameras can capture it all! 


  • Protecting packages from “front-porch pirates.” There are plenty of wannabe thieves on the prowl for unattended deliveries they can snatch in a matter of seconds. Your doorbell camera can capture their faces and send your mobile device an instant notification. The two-way voice feature lets you scare them, regardless of whether you’re home. Hey, I see you, drop that immediately! 



  • Keeping an eye on pets. As much as we would love to take our cats to the office or smuggle our dogs into fancy restaurants, there are times in which you must leave the pets at home alone. Security cameras enable you to check on them and even communicate using the two-way voice feature. 



Curious which pooch chews on cushions or which cat pees on your rug? Recorded footage takes out the guesswork. Read Can Home Alarm Systems and Security Cameras Help Protect My Pets to learn what particular camera features most benefit pet-owners.


H2: Ways in Which Security Cameras Can Benefit Your Home Insurance Rates


When deciding whether the advantages of security cameras are worth the cost, don’t forget to factor in potential home insurance savings. 



  • Many companies offer discounts for owning a security system. Examples of providers who offer reduced rates include Nationwide, State Farm, Progressive, Farmers, and USAA. Make sure to read the fine print, as the system may need certain features in order to qualify for discounts. 




  • Fewer break-ins mean fewer increases in insurance rates. Insurance companies want to make a profit; if you file a claim that ultimately costs them money, they may raise your rates to compensate. If you file too many claims within a short period of time, your provider may determine that you and your property are too risky to insure. 



The best way to keep insurance rates low is to prevent problems. By using security cameras to ward off burglars, you may save yourself from having to file claims. 



  • Security footage helps with insurance claim accuracy. If a break-in does occur, you will want to file an insurance claim to receive financial compensation for all you lost. The more evidence you have of ownership and associated cost, the better. 



Photos and proof of purchase are helpful, but there’s no matching the effectiveness of security footage. You, the police, and the insurance company can all see items be snatched or destroyed. 


To learn more, check out Do Home Insurance Companies Give Discounts for a Having Security System?


H2: Myths About Security Cameras That No Longer Apply


Security cameras have come a long way in past decades. Concerns you may have over buying cameras may no longer apply. Common misconceptions include:



  • Myth – Security cameras require wires and complicated set-ups. Providers like Blue by ADT create cameras with practicality in the forefront of their minds. Excluding the doorbell camera, all of Blue’s security products are wireless and don’t require tools. 




  • Myth – Security cameras are best for big properties, not apartments or small houses. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their space, whether they share a flat with roommates or live in a large mansion. The easy set up and activation of Blue by ADT products make them particularly fitting for renters who may frequently move.



To learn more, read why it’s important for apartment dwellers to set up security systems



  • Myth – Security cameras are expensive. Today’s technology makes it possible for security cameras to be affordable without sacrificing on quality. Blue’s DIY security cameras’ benefits include custom motion detection zones, two-way talk capabilities, night vision, and customizable settings, all for less than $200. Considering the reasonable price tag, we think your wellbeing and peace of mind are well worth it




  • Myth – Home security systems automatically lock users into long-term contracts that are impossible to break. Some systems require customers to commit to multiple years, but not Blue by ADT! You can use our security cameras and alarm packages with or without professional monitoring. You can also switch our services on-and-off from one month to the next. 



What Security Cameras Are Worth Buying? 


Convinced that the advantages of security cameras are worth the cost? The next step is to determine whether you want to buy individual items or to build your own package. No matter your decision, it’s easy to build upon your existing Blue by ADT system at a future date. 


If you want a camera without a system, consider one (or more) of the following: 


Wireless outdoor cameras – This camera can detect and record movement up to five meters. Determine the distance you do (and don’t) want to monitor, as well as what notifications you will receive. Position outdoor security cameras on a first-level overhang for the most advantageous 130° view of your driveway, backyard, and side entrances. 


Doorbell camerasThe benefits of an outdoor security camera combine with a smart doorbell for a tool you’ll use almost daily. Welcome visitors, communicate with solicitors, and keep a watchful eye on a package until you arrive home. The doorbell camera can survey 180° and a maximum of three meters, but you can dictate what activity you do and don’t want to monitor.  


Indoor camerasPlace this compact, lightweight camera on a shelf or mount it to receive the best 130° view of your living area. Watch kids’ playtime from the next room, protect your home from sticky-fingered servicemen, and use it to communicate directly with babysitters.


Benefits shared by all Blue by ADT security camera:  


  • 1080p HD resolution
  • Custom motion detection zones
  • Custom push notification settings 
  • Two-way voice communication
  • Night vision
  • Facial recognition
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Push notifications 
  • Integration with popular 
  • Free self-monitoring with the supplementary mobile app


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