Best Home Security Camera System – Blue by ADT Personalizes Your Choices

If you want to purchase the best home security camera system, you’ve come to the right place. The Blue by ADT home security camera system can be customized to fit your needs – you get security where you want it and privacy where you need it. We have plans that will fit into your lifestyle and what you need – not everyone needs an extensive security camera system, but some people do want that. Anything is possible when you work with Blue by ADT.

If someone does try to come into your home uninvited, a home security camera system needs to collect footage of that person so that you can identify them. The best home security camera system will have hi-res footage that helps you to make snap judgements about whether that person is an intruder or just your father-in-law coming over uninvited.
The cameras will also send an alert to our monitoring company so that we can help you out as quickly as possible. In a world where seconds matter, having the best home security camera system installed in your home is key to staying safe.
Blue by ADT can help to protect against intruders, vandalism, theft, and more – use our home security camera systems to monitor your children when they come home from school, your elderly parents, or even your new dog.

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Best Home Security Camera System: What It Needs

The best home security camera system doesn’t happen to just be a camera – it is part of a system that starts and ends with your cameras. You cannot get the best protection possible if you do not have some tools helping out the camera along the way. At Blue by ADT, you are able to build a system that will work for you, including the best home security cameras on the market today.

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Wireless Camera

Our system uses the best home security wireless cameras available today. We believe in the wireless difference, because you can move these around however you want, hiding them or leaving them out in the open. You don’t have to worry about wires or plugging anything into the wall.

A wireless camera is also more secure because they rely on the Cloud – even if the camera gets destroyed, you will be able to access the information stored on it.

Alarms and Sirens

Once the camera has been activated, an alarm or siren should sound to warn you of a problem – and to warn the criminal that Blue by ADT knows they are there. This will allow you to get to safety and alert the authorities, or Blue by ADT can do that for you.

Entry Point Sensors

Entry point sensors send off a signal to set off the alarm and to activate the camera. Since these are typically placed where the criminal will enter your home, namely the windows and the doors, you will get a bird’s eye view of the entire area and hopefully the thief.

Of course, there are other parts of the best home security camera system for your home, but these are the key ones related back to that camera. Remember, everything has to work together to give you the best results.

Where Can I Get the Best Home Security Camera System?