Can Home Alarm Systems & Security Cameras Help Protect Pets

Pets are family. So, naturally, we all want to do everything possible to ensure that ours are safe and well taken care of—and a home security system is one of the best ways to do so. 


While most people think about home alarm systems as a way to help protect the individuals and valuables in their homes, many of them are designed with pets in mind, too. 


For example, home security systems from Blue by ADT feature cat– and dog-friendly motion sensors, cameras and alarm devices that can help keep your furry friends safe.


How can an alarm system help keep my cat or dog safe?


In addition to pet-friendly motion sensors, home security systems have several tools to help you protect your cats and dogs


Door and window sensors are great for monitoring when and how often your animals travel through any pet doors you have installed. They can also be used to keep your pets out of any off-limits rooms, closets or cabinets.


But most importantly, pet-friendly alarm systems often have features in place that allow you to quickly and easily contact emergency services at the touch of button—even if you’re on the go. In the event of a house fire, for example, you’ll be able to call for firefighters to help rescue your pets in a matter of a few precious seconds. 


What to look for in indoor and outdoor security cameras for pets


 Indoor and outdoor surveillance cameras allows you to monitor your dog’s or cat’s activity in the yard or common areas from an app on your smartphone. You can set up cameras to monitor your pets’ eating habits and keep tabs on when they need to go to the bathroom. 


If you’ve just recently adopted a pet, a camera can help you get a feel for how they fare when you’re not home. And if your pet is old or sick, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that you can check in on them from virtually anywhere at any given moment. 


With the two-way talk feature, indoor and outdoor  security cameras let you call out bad pet behavior when you’re not around. It’s also useful for communicating with dog walkers or pet sitters when you’re not home. You can even give them a unique access code for your security system so they can come and go without triggering the alarm, and you can keep a log of when they arrive and how long they stay. 


Will my pets trigger false alarms?


If you’re concerned about your cat or dog tripping your home security alarm while you’re away, don’t be! Many modern motion sensors, like the ones offered by Blue by ADT, are specially designed to tell the difference between animals and human beings. That means you can arm your system whenever you leave and still let your cats or dogs roam freely. 


You can also set custom motion detection zones for your security cameras. By setting a specific radius you wish to monitor, you can avoid getting motion alerts sent to your device each time one of your pets walks by. 


But the phrase “pet-friendly” doesn’t just apply to motion sensors. Many of the components that make up a DIY home security system are completely wireless, so you don’t need to worry about your cat or dog chewing through the wires when you’re not looking. 


What products and features should I look for when choosing an alarm system for my pets?


Your home security system may look different depending on whether you own your home, or whether you’re a renter or an apartment dweller. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to help protect your pets no matter what your living situation may be. When reviewing whether a system meets your needs as a pet-owner, prioritize the following:


  • Night vision – Animals’ sleeping patterns vary from humans’, leading to your pets being awake and moving while you’re fast asleep. Perhaps your dog will slip through the pet door for an early-morning bathroom break. Your cat may cause midnight mischief in the living room. Regardless, indoor and outdoor cameras night vision capabilities will help you keep a close eye on your pets’ wandering. 


  • Remote control and notifications using a mobile app – Dogs and cats have curious minds that lead them to forbidden areas or through ajar doors and windows. The alarm system you choose should help you stay aware of your pets’ whereabouts, regardless of whether you’re in the next room or at the office. Alarm sensors and cameras would ideally send you mobile notifications so you can take any immediate action, if needed. 


  • Easily modified alarm settings – Your pet-surveillance needs differ from one hour to the next. Purchase a security system that lets you smoothly change your notification and alarm settings. 

It’s also important that you can customize the detection radius of your alarms and security cameras to avoid receiving alerts about permitted pet activity. 


  • Versatile, DIY set-up – Curious which dog has been knocking over the garbage can or chewing on bedroom pillows? With wireless, DIY equipment, you can temporarily move an indoor camera to monitor where it’s needed most. 

Pets don’t act in the same way as people, so it’s helpful to be able to adjust equipment positioning as you learn their behaviors. 


  • Two-way communication Pets can’t pick up the phone when you call, so cameras with two-way communication let you talk directly to your dogs and cats, as well as their sitters. 


  • Fire sensors –  Help protect your pets from fire and carbon monoxide. Your home is likely already equipped with smoke and CO detectors, but you may want to consider adding fire sensors to your security package so that you can receive mobile alerts and know to call for help when you’re not home.


In addition to cameras and sensors, most do-it-yourself security systems are compatible with a variety of smart home devices that can help you keep your pets happy and comfortable. A smart thermostat, for example, will let you adjust the temperature from your phone while you’re away to prevent your pets from becoming too hot in the summer or too cold in the winter. But it’s not just about dogs and cats! With a simple smart plug, you can program your fish or reptile’s lights to turn on and off automatically. 


Blue by ADT DIY home security systems: the perfect choice for pet owners

No matter what size or species your loved ones are, you can rest assured that you have options available to help keep them safe. Blue by ADT offers advanced DIY camera and alarm systems that can be customized to meet your pets’ needs and are easy to set up and operate.


If you have additional questions about how a do-it-yourself security system can help you protect your furry friends, you can find answers in our Support Center.