Can I take My Home Security System When I Move?

Home security systems are deeply personal and when you build one by yourself, you may want to take it with you when you move. With most security companies, you should be able to take your home security system with you when you move.

Home security systems that are built to meet the needs of a homeowner (or a renter) take some time to build in many cases, which is why you don’t want to leave it behind. For wireless home security systems, it is easier to take them with than a wired system. Still, it is possible to take them with you when you move.

Systems You Can Take With You

If you have a home security system that you built for yourself, then you can take the equipment with you without a problem. If your system is monitored, you will want to contact your monitoring company so that they know why your system goes blank for a while. Of course, they will also want to know about when and where you are moving for monitoring reasons – they will need to know where to send help your way if you need it.

The great part about a system you’ve done yourself is that you can set your system up and change it just how you want – which means that moving won’t cause too many problems.

Once again, wireless systems are much, much easier to move than a wired system.

Contracted Home Security Systems

If you have signed up for a contracted home security system, it can be a little difficult to move it with you. You will have to meet certain requirements and stipulations – and sometimes have the company send someone out to remove your system, and then have it installed in your new location. This is often costly.

Depending on the company, they will not move the installed equipment if they believe that the new homeowners will also sign up for their services. Instead, they will offer to install new home security system where you move – and sometimes, you will get discounts. However, this is not all that common because the company takes a gamble on the new homeowners wanting the equipment.

If you signed a contract, you will have to get a new system or pay out the breakage fee on your contract.

Before signing a contract for your home security system – if you have to do so at all – make sure you know the rules when you move. If you are a renter, you need to make sure that the home security company knows this as well.

The best thing that you can do is find a security system that is connected to a home monitoring company that will not make you sign a contract so that you can do as you please. Moving is expensive enough, so adding more onto it isn’t always possible.

Take Your Home Security System With You When You Move