DIY Security Systems for Small Businesses

Did you know over 80% of burglars check for an alarm or security system before breaking? If you’re looking into upgrading your small business security, that should be reason enough. The more difficult you make it for someone to break into your business, the less likely it is to happen.

There are several options for protecting your business from break-ins. You can even install your own small business security camera system. Learn everything you need to know about installing your own business security (and which system is the best for you).


What’s the Difference Between Home and Small Business Security Systems?


When it comes to security systems, most security companies don’t differentiate. They may offer superior protection that doesn’t meet the personalized needs of many small business owners. But small business security should come with a customizable option.

Protecting your office (which might even be at home) should come in whatever way you need to find that peace of mind. Professional monitoring services are ideal for wherever you run your small business. The best way to feel your most important documents or equipment is secure with 24/7 surveillance.

Of course, your business security may already protect you from hazards like fires, floods, carbon dioxide leaks, and more. But an insurance policy only goes so far as to protect your small business, wherever it’s located.

Ultimately, there are no significant differences between home and small business security. The costs and benefits measure out to the same, especially with the ability to customize our system preferences. Let’s take a look at some prime security features and see just how they benefit your small business.


What Does DIY Business Security Actually Mean?


You might see something like personalized protection and think, “What do I even know about a small business security camera system?” Fortunately, your customized needs define the type of protection you need. And with the right security company, you don’t have to think twice about picking the right features for your system.

Ideally, you won’t receive a phone call every time a motion detection system goes off. In fact, that may be the reason you invest in 24/7 professional monitoring. But with a DIY system, you control how you receive notifications from alarm triggers to motion sensors.

Imagine sitting in an important client meeting, and the alarm was to go off. Or, worse still, it’s 3:00 a.m., and the local vermin are simply wandering around outside your business. The last thing you might want is a disruptive phone call.


Why Do I Need Small Business Security Systems With Cameras?


Even if you sign up for push notifications, you might want even more layers of protection. Although professional monitoring is a great choice, it’s not what everyone wants. Instead, you might consider something like self-monitoring.

With a 24-hour battery backup, your cameras can run on WiFi, cell signal, and text. With self-monitoring, you can choose to tap into a video feed and directly view whatever has triggered a push notification. You can even talk to visitors with a two-way talk feature on some camera models.

A talk feature makes sure the delivery man actually puts packages in the right spot. If you’re going to be out of the office all day, you can make sure they’re not in an obvious spot. Instant alerts with face recognition mean you can let in expected visitors, too.

Consider a potential client who gets to your office before you for a scheduled meeting. Even if you’re not running late, you may not want them waiting outside. Instead, a live HD feed can ensure you clearly see whoever’s waiting outside.

Then, you can communicate whatever’s needed face-to-face via the camera and two-way talk feature. Whether you tell them where the spare key is or how far away you are, it communicates professionalism. Plus, if you don’t yet have a client’s contact information, it saves you the fear of not being to communicate either.


Cameras and Devices to Consider

With your small business security in mind, it’s important you know what your options are. Many different systems offer one type of camera or another. If you’re going to customize your security, you might want a unique combination.

Standard cameras include wireless outdoor cameras. Some offer standard HD imaging with or without sound. You might prefer an outdoor camera with a two-way talk feature. 

Your small business security camera system can also include indoor cameras too. Depending on the size and layout of your business location, you might need to view and talk to delivery men at a loading dock. Knowing who’s at your door, inside or outside, can help protect your business.

If you put your camera system on WiFi, you can also get instant alerts with custom motion detection zones. That means you can limit motion triggers around areas with the most foot traffic.


What Features Do I Need for My Business Security? 


Now you know how your business benefits from a security system, you need to understand available features. You’re aware of things like motion sensors, cameras, and mobile apps. You also know the difference between different types of monitoring.

Below, you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of each feature and how you can use it for your small business. This can help you make the most informed choices for your future security system setup.


Remote Access

Whether you self-monitor or invest in round-the-clock professional surveillance, you need remote access. If you self-monitor your camera system, you’ll really benefit from remote access. The best systems come with a mobile app to ease this monitoring.

You can check on push notifications from alarm triggers and motion sensor activation. You can also check on things at your home office or storefront (if you’re away). And, best of all, you can control your system from afar. 


Safe Data

What’s the best thing for your insurance policy? Recorded footage of a break-in or other property harming incident. And if you’re worried about losing that footage (or it being hackable), it’s safely stored.

Safe data storage ensures your video footage is protected. This is great for reviewing motion activity triggers over time, especially if you’re worried about long-term security. 


Smart Home Hub

Maybe you’ve got a home office setup or simply want the convenience of smart hub devices. If so, the best small business security systems integrate top smart hub devices like Google and Alexa. All you have to do is initiate various routines to secure your property from afar.

There’s nothing like walking in or out the door of your office and saying, “Hey Alexa, Google,…” at the start or end of your day. And remote access, combined with a smart hub, is a great way to elevate your business security. If you work from home, it’s wonderful to take the fullest advantage of your security choices.


Will I Still Need Professional Installation?


The best thing about installing a custom security system is that you can do what you want. You’ve got the freedom to place your devices wherever you feel is needed. No more worrying about scheduling regular maintenance with your security company, either. 

Instead, update and repair your devices when you feel it’s essential. Even if you chose to invest in professional security monitoring, you don’t have to worry about paying for installation. With a DIY system, you get the final say in placing your cameras.

You can actually put a price on installation, too. Instead of paying ridiculously high fees for installation, handling, etc., save time and money with your own system. You’re unlikely to need the installation services larger companies require, anyway.


Trust Us With Your Small Business Security


Now you know why you need small business security, you deserve award-winning service. You need Blue by ADT. With 145 years of security expertise, there’s no going wrong with our system.

Working with us, you can really put the DIY into protecting your business. Our small business security systems are customizable, allowing you ultimate control. Protect your business on your terms with the system of your choice.

You can customize everything from sensors to cameras and more. You’ll be free from contracts and able to set up the system yourself. Shop now to find the best security for your small business.