Find a Reliable DIY Home Security System With No Monthly Fee

While security systems may have seemed a pricey accessory before, they are quickly becoming an essential component for any home. Technological innovations and developments in security systems for homes have made them attractive to place within any home.

Not only do security systems help deter burglars, but they can also give you peace of mind about the security in your home.

Traditionally, you would need to have a technician or expert visit your home to install a security system. Installation would require multiple wires and drilling going on throughout your home. Depending on the plan type you opted for, the equipment would be complementary or part of a package deal.


Build a DIY Home Security System


When you’re wondering the difference between a normal security system and a DIY security system, it’s not to do with the technology but the installation process.

Traditional security systems require a technician to come into your home and install it for you. The installation alone can run into hundreds of dollars, not to mention the extensive drilling and wiring required.

With a Blue by ADT DIY security system, you can install the system by yourself or with the help of another person. DIY security systems are typically wireless components that run on WIFI, so you don’t need to worry about arranging the wiring around your home.

Modern DIY security systems have the same professional-level technology as the traditional ones, but they’re easier to install and more affordable. You can get a DIY alarm system up and running within a day without any hassles.


Types of DIY Security Systems for Different Residences


Not all homes require a comprehensive security system that covers the entirety of the property. Depending on your home location and the general security in the area, you may not want a security system present both outside and inside your home.

Blue by ADT offers different types of DIY home security systems with no monthly fee available for you to choose from:

  • Build Your Own System: These systems allow you to add cameras and sensors according to your unique needs. Most packages include a base station, and you can add other components accordingly.
  • The Starter Pack: This is a minimalist security system that covers basic needs for any home. It usually includes a base station, a security camera, and sensors for windows and doors. Optimal for condos, small residences, and apartments
  • Starter Plus: These packs are for a bit more comprehensive security around your home. It usually includes a base station, one or more cameras, motion sensors, door and window sensors. If you own more extensive property, this can be optimal.
  • The Premium System: When you need all-around security for your home and need multiple components to make it happen, getting a complete pack is perfect. It usually includes a base station, entryway sensors, keypad locks, and much more.

Add-on additional security with Blue by ADT cameras


Beyond our smart systems, Blue by ADT offers a range of smart cameras to enhance your home’s security. Check out our range of HD cameras that include the:

Each home security camera is equipped with facial recognition, two-way talk and night vision to help you keep an eye on your home from virtually anywhere when connected to the mobile app!


Security for Inside and Outside Your Home


When you’re looking for the perfect system for your home, consider evaluating your needs first. Do you need security both outside and inside your home? Many people opt to have end-to-end security for their homes, including continuous monitoring for their entire property.

Configure your DIY installation with as many cameras and sensors as you require. It enables more flexibility and liberty when it comes to finding the ideal security solution for your home. Remember that what’s suitable for your needs today might not be perfect tomorrow, and getting a DIY system that can be modified over time can be an ideal solution.

Today, many security systems that are operated through WIFI also have compatibility with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more. Choose the security for outside and inside your home carefully depending on the type of security you need for your home and how enhanced it needs to be.

Whether it’s something as simple as getting an intercom system with a night vision camera or getting multiple motion sensors on all entryways, getting a security system can be made ideal for everyone’s requirements.


Professional vs. Self-Monitoring


When it comes to monitoring your security system, you can go about it in two ways. All security systems can be connected to an app on your mobile or any other device so that you can monitor it 24/7 according to your convenience. The mobile app can also allow for other remote actions like activating the system and disarming it, reviewing previous footage, and so on.

When a sensor is triggered due to a fire or break-in, you can get alerts through your phone or email. While not regular, security systems can also be falsely triggered, which is why they’re not usually wired to call emergency services automatically.

However, you can also choose to get a professional to monitor your security system 24/7. It can be an ideal option when you’re planning on going away on vacation or are busy with work and don’t have the time to monitor your home’s security system constantly.

You will still be able to get alerts and pings on your phone and other devices when a sensor has been triggered. However, in the situation where you’re not available, they’ll contact your emergency alternatives. As a last resort, they will contact the emergency authorities.

Professional monitoring isn’t just optimal for your home; it can also help cut down your insurance costs. When the insurance purveyors come to inspect your home, your security system and professional monitoring plan can decrease the overall cost of your home insurance plan.


Monthly Fees


When you opt to get professional monitoring for your security system, there are several ways you can choose to get it. Many security system companies can offer a contract for professional monitoring for specific periods. During the contract period, you have to pay the regular charges and monthly stipulated fees.

You can also look for a security system company that offers a limited-time free professional monitoring so you can understand what the service can do for you. Blue by ADT offers a free month of 24/7 professional monitoring for all their security system variants.

Many security system companies can also offer a pay-as-you-go monitoring payment plan, where you opt for the service only when you need it and pay accordingly. You might also require professional monitoring if you have pets at home and want to ensure their safety all the time. There can be many reasons to get professional monitoring, and it is best to avail of a free trial before investing in the service.


Install the Smart Home Security System Yourself


When you’re getting a DIY security system, you must know all the requirements that are needed for a successful installation. Some DIY security systems require extra components like smart plugs, WIFI connectors, and so on.

Since most security systems run on power, you will also need to ensure a power point near the security system or suitable batteries in the cameras before you begin installing them.

You’ll also have to consider the placement of the security system components in your home. While sensors can be relatively easy to place, cameras need to be in places to have the best visibility. You also have to ensure that it’s in a hard-to-reach place, so nobody is tempted to steal or disable it without being caught.

Since the security system is connected through WIFI, you will also have to ensure that they’re close to the router or that your router has broad coverage. After successfully installing the sensors and cameras, activating the system through your phone should be thoroughly explained in the user manual.

You have to ensure that all the home automation devices are connected to your base system (whether it’s a LED panel, mobile app, etc.). After they’re connected to your base system, they can be successfully linked and available for monitoring through your phone.


Finding a Reliable DIY Home Security System or Your Needs


Depending on what type of security system you opt to get, the pricing can vary. A basic starter pack can be upwards of $150. If you’re choosing to get extra components like extra camera battery packs, doorbell camera, etc., this will also increase the total cost of your security system. Additional entryway and motion sensors can also increase the full price of the pack.

Saving on professional installation and opting for a DIY system can also help you splurge a bit more on your security system to provide safety for your home comprehensively. Professional monitoring services can also vary depending on which company you’re using and what kind of terms they offer. If you don’t want to be stuck with paying monthly fees, opt for professional monitoring only when you need it.

Find safe and reliable DIY home security systems with no monthly fees to choose from and find the most optimal one for you. 

Keep your home safe and secure without spending thousands of dollars in the process when you choose to get a DIY home security system. Research thoroughly on the best options available for your convenience and your home’s security to make an excellent and reliable choice.