Free Security System Installation

Many people want to know how to get a free security system installation – and with good reason. Historically, when you want to install a security system, it requires a lot of work and time on your part. Because there are wires on older security systems, installation often required construction, renovations, and a lot of help from people outside of your home. Not anymore!


Some people will claim to give you a free security system installation, where they send someone into your home, but that is never the safest option. Often, they contract the work out to the lowest bidder in your area and invite that person, who they haven’t spent the time researching, into your home with your family. If you are getting a security system, it is likely that you are interested in keeping everyone safe – so this goes directly against what you want to do.


With a Blue by ADT renovation free security system installation, you will be able to install every piece of your security equipment by yourself. We have designed a wireless system that eliminates the need for renovations or holes put into your walls so that you can dangle the wires inside. Instead, you get to install your system wherever you want and still have it work perfectly.


If you want construction free security system installation: CLICK HERE.

Worry Free Security System Installation

So often, people who get a security system installed have to worry about the actual construction itself, and then they have to worry about what comes next. If something goes wrong, like a piece of the equipment breaks down, then you have to redo all of the work to get everything out and then reinstall new equipment.

Simply put, it is a lot of work. It can cost quite a bit of money. It also opens you up to installing something that you don’t really like.

With Blue by ADT, our equipment can be mounted using simplistic, damage free installation methods – or you can just set them on tables.

If you want construction free security system installation: CLICK HERE.

Want Free Security System Installation? Do It Yourself

If you are looking for a free security system installation, one of the only ways to get a quality security system where you don’t have to pay for installation is to do it yourself. At Blue by ADT, we offer installation from a professional or we give you thorough, detailed instructions on how to do it yourself.

Our team of trained specialists can help you to better understand what you are doing – and because you pick the pieces of your security system, you will only have pieces that you know how to use. Even better, we have informational videos and guides to help you get the best possible fit for your home and security needs.

If you have any questions or concerns about anything, from your security system installation to how to use your systems, our security experts are always here to answer your questions. Since we don’t outsource anything, we know how to help you the best.

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