How Can I Protect My Home from a Fire?

Fires cause a ton of damage to homes across the United States every year – some $7 billion. Protecting your home from a fire isn’t foolproof, but it is something that can ensure that if a fire does happen, it won’t be as bad as it could be. Preparing yourself and your family regularly can help to keep damage down if a fire does occur in your home.

The most important part of protecting your home from a fire is to have smoke alarms that you know work consistently. This includes fire alarms that are tested and properly maintained.

At Blue by ADT, we have smoke detectors that do so much more. They are able to detect smoke in the air as well as carbon monoxide. As soon it is sensed, they will sound an alarm that is much louder than a traditional smoke detector and alert the professional monitoring company. Our system also uses heating detectors so that if the smoke doesn’t reach the system but the flames are there, it will detect the heat and sound the alarm.

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Positioning to Protect

Our Blue by ADT home security system will enable you to put detectors, cameras, and sensors wherever you need them to be. For fire protection, you want to put cameras and sensors in the areas where you have the most chance of a fire starting: kitchens, basements, laundry rooms, and any room with a fireplace.

With cameras here, you will not only get added protection before the fire, it can help you during the fire as well. Being able to have a bird’s eye view into your home will allow you to see if everyone is safe and sound, help with escape routes, and even help to determine what started the fire. Our cameras have Cloud storage for an extended amount of time, so you will be able to see exactly where the fire started.

The sad truth is that you cannot always protect your home from a fire. Instead, you have to put systems in place so that you can protect your home once there is a fire. Even more importantly, you want to protect the people and things inside that really matter to you.

Get More Protection Than From a Fire