How Do Door Sensors Work?

Door sensors help to keep your home safe through a circuit. There are two parts of a door sensor – one that goes on the frame of your door and one that goes on your door itself. When these two pieces are not near each other, they trigger the alarm.

Door sensors are easy to install and easy to maintain, but they are quite effective. Sometimes, people just forget to look their doors and they need some backup. Do not take something so simple for granted – it will have to power to warn you that someone is in your home, to scare away a potential robber, and even save your life.

Door Sensors: How They Work

There are many different types of door sensors, but the most common system in a door sensor is the reed switch and magnet system. This is the same system that is used in a window sensor.

Reed switches are found in countless devices because they create a simple circuit that can trigger a reaction – ring the alarm, shut off the computer screen, or turn on the flight. A reed switch has two parts and when they are situated near each other, there is an electrical circuit. The magnet keeps those pieces together and when the magnet moves away – or when the door opens – the circuit breaks and the alarm sounds.

Garage Door Sensors

Garage door sensors are another important part of many home security systems. They help you to detect if your garage door has been opened – and a garage is one of the most common targets of burglars. Garage door sensors can be like a traditional door sensor, or it can be one that operates on the sound.
For a traditional garage door sensor, it works much the same way: reed switch and magnet. They are situated so that they are together on the side of the garage door, the magnet on the door and the reed switch on the wall next to the door. When the door raises, the circuit is broken.

However, a pitch sensor works differently. This is one device that is placed on the door itself. When the sensor notices a change in the angle of the door, the alarm will trigger. This is an extremely easy sensor to install and is very effective at not only monitoring someone coming into your home, it will monitor anyone going out of your home – an added bonus for parents of teenagers.

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