How Do Doorbell Cameras Work?

Imagine opening your door to see a bear. This almost happened to a family when their doorbell camera caught a giant bear walking up to their doorstep. This bear even managed to press the doorbell with his paw.  

Today, you can find countless funny stories about what a family captures on their doorbell cameras. Yet, with doorbell cameras being more common, it might leave you with the question, “How do doorbell cameras work?” 

This article is going to tell you all about doorbell cameras, so keep reading to learn more.  


What Is a Video Doorbell Camera? 


If you never heard of a doorbell camera, it is a sleek rectangle shape camera you can place outside or inside your home. The device also has a microphone and speaker. 

The cameras connect directly to your WiFi and your cellular data. You can then connect via apps on your phone to a 24/7 feed with audio of your home.

Most devices also have night vision to ensure the image is as clear as possible. These devices can work in addition to any security system you already have in place.  


How do Doorbell Cameras Work?  


Most doorbell cameras are battery-powered or wired. There are advantages or disadvantages to both.  



Battery-powered cameras have a rechargeable battery. This battery lasts months at a time, but you will have to take the battery out to charge when that time comes.

The issue with removing the battery is that your security system would be down for a limited amount of time. However, the advantage of the battery-powered option is that you can place the camera anywhere in the house.  

Most battery-powered cameras also come with a backup battery to ensure you are always protected.  



The other option is to connect the camera to your doorbell wiring. The advantage of this option is that you don’t need to charge it.  

The downside is that you are limited to only areas of your house with an existing doorbell to place the wired option. 




Part of your decision comes down to where you want to place your security cameras. Proper placement can increase the productivity of your camera and gives you more benefits for your money.  


Outside the House 

The main goal with placement outside the home is to get the best possible view of anyone walking up. To accomplish this, try to remove any possible obstructions and keep the camera at chest level.  



When installing the camera, you want to ensure that there is as clear a view as possible. To achieve this view, you might have to trim some trees or foliage around the area. You might also need to move your decorations or lights, so the area around the camera is clear.  

Checking the camera’s view at night is also helpful because sometimes objects that aren’t usually obstructing the image will have shadows that do.  


Chest Level 

The recommendation is to place the camera at 45 inches from the ground or at the chest level of the average adult.  

This recommendation supports the idea that you should aim to have the camera catch the face of any adults that might come to your door.  


Other Placements 

Beyond the typical doorbell position, outdoor cameras can be helpful in other spots such as a driveway or backyard. In the end, a video doorbell camera is useful wherever there is a potential security risk.  


Inside the House 

You can also place similar security cameras inside your home. They function very similarly to the doorbell cameras. With these security cameras, you will probably want to place them in a couple of primary areas.  


Where to Place 

When trying to place your cameras, focus on the areas with more significant security risks. For example, most doors and windows on the ground floor are likely targets for a burglar. 

Other main areas to look at placing a camera in are the home’s common areas, such as a living or family room.  


Other Considerations 


Whether indoor or outdoor, there are a few other considerations that you need to think about when placing cameras. This article will talk about durability, visibility, and proximity.  



This consideration relates more to outdoor cameras but ensures that your cameras are in a spot that they will be protected from the elements. If they are not, ensure that you have a camera to handle any conditions it might face.  



One area of debate is whether to place cameras where they are visible or hidden. The question is whether placing the cameras where it is visible discourages thieves. Others argue that it tells the robbers that you have something valuable to steal.  

In the end, choose whatever option makes you the most comfortable.  



When placing your cameras, always think about what is most valuable in your house. These items are what burglars are most likely to go after, and thus, it is helpful if they are on camera.  


Custom Motion Detectors Zone 

Once your camera is in the correct location, you can program specific zones where you would like it to record motion and where you would like it to avoid.

By setting up these zones, the camera is more likely to only capture the video that is important to you. 


Outdoor Benefits 


There are many benefits to having a doorbell camera. Let’s first look at the outdoor benefits. 



First, WiFi doorbell cameras increase the safety of your house and your neighborhood. One way that it accomplishes this increase is by helping you identify anyone who comes to your home. Thus, if a robbery does occur, you will be able to have a clear image to show to any law enforcement agency.  

Another way it increases your safety is to know precisely who is at your door before answering it. Or, if something is left at your doorstep, you can identify what it is before picking it up. 

Just the presence of a camera lowers crime because individuals are concerned with being caught.  


Protect Your Belongings 

Another advantage is that you can protect your belongings on your front porch better. For example, if you love having cute signs or rugs in your entryway, you can know that if someone takes those items, you can identify who they are.  

Beyond your decorations, it also protects your packages. There are an estimated 1.7 million packages stolen or lost daily in the United States. Having a camera is one way to prevent this from happening to you.  

Even when you are on vacation, as long as you have access to your cellphone, you can check how your house is doing. If someone does drop off a package, you can let a friend or family member know, and they hold on to it until you get home.  



Most video doorbell cameras also allow you to communicate with the individual outside. For example, you can question someone at your door without them realizing you aren’t home.  

Or, if a friend stops by, you can let them know you are gone and ask them to come back later.  


Indoor Benefits 


Within your home, security doorbell cameras have even more benefits. Here are a few examples.   


Protect Your Belongings 

Similar to outside cameras, indoor security cameras allow you to protect your valuables. You can have a clear image of anyone who enters your house, and you can check to see what exactly they stole.  


Keep an Eye on the Kids 

Finally, having an indoor camera allows you to check on the kids. Especially when leaving them home for the first time or the hundredth, it can be calming to see how they are doing.  

You can also check on your pets and make sure nothing is going wrong.  


Doorbell Camera Subscription Options


Now, it is essential to know that some doorbell cameras required a subscription. This subscription allows you to store and send videos. 

Yet, there are some doorbell cameras without a subscription with an SD card that allows you to store your videos. So be sure to pay attention to which brand you buy.  


Buy One Today 


So how do doorbell cameras work? They connect to your WiFi or cellular data and protect your home 24/7. Whether it is battery-powered or wired in, your camera is keeping an eye on your most valuable possessions. 

With the modern camera being so easy to set up, you can improve your home security in seconds. So, get a Blue by ADT doorbell camera today!