How Does a Glass Break Detector Work?

If you have a home security system with a glass break detector, you might wonder how it works. If a burglar breaks into your home by smashing a window, the glass break detector will notice the frequency of the break or the shock waves that are associated with the break – both can trigger the alarm.

Glass break detectors became popular because burglars realized that door and window sensors were easy to work around simply by breaking the glass to get into the home. Thus, they were able to rob homes or worse without tripping the alarm.

These devices are an important part of your home because they can monitor multiple windows at one time. They are small and can be armed at all times, even when you are in your home – unless you plan on breaking your windows.

Glass Break Detectors: How They Work

Glass break detectors are ideal in rooms with large windows or sliding doors because they are likely targets for burglars. The detector is small enough that it won’t be noticed when you are looking in from the outside. However, you do have to note that the range is limited, so you will likely need more than one.

There are two types of glass break alarms. The first is one that monitors for the vibrations that come from breaking glass. This can come from the glass itself breaking or from the force of the object that broke the glass. At times, the alarm can go off prematurely when someone slams a door on the same wall, but the technology has advanced that it is becoming less and less.

The other option is a sound glass break alarm. This uses a small microphone that picks up the higher frequency of breaking glass.

Personalizing the Levels

If you live in an apartment (or you have children) and you worry about the sensitivity of the alarms, you should know that you can adjust the levels. If you break glasses somewhat frequently or you play an instrument, you might worry about tripping the alarm. The good news is that you can test all of this when you first install your system and adjust for it.

This is why a system that you set up yourself is so important. You can calibrate the system for your own needs. Then, when you go away for a week, for example, you can change the sensitivity. With mobile monitoring, you can do this quite easily on a weekly basis so that you feel comfortable living in your home – and going away.

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