How Much Does a Home Security System Cost?

Is it worth the home security system cost to protect your family? Protecting your family from natural disasters, invaders, and criminals might seem like a no brainer, but people are on budgets and sometimes a better lock is most cost efficient than a security system.

But what if you could get your home security system with professional monitoring for less than $1 per day?

Most of the cost associated with home security systems comes from buying the equipment and installing it. With Blue by ADT home security systems, we abate costs by allowing you to do the set-up by yourself – and if you can set up a phone, internet connection, or cable connection, you can set up your own home security.

In general, the cost of a home security system ranges from just a few dollars a month up to well over $150 per month. It all depends what you want out of your system and the amount of equipment that you need – larger houses with more doors and windows will need more equipment than smaller houses do.

The good news is that if you are looking to find a home security system that fits within your budget, Blue by ADT can help you. CLICK HERE to find out about our no-contract plans with professional monitoring for less than $1 per day.

The Cost of NOT Having a Home Security System

Research has shown that people have better peace of mind and lives when they don’t have as much stress. A home security system allows you to feel comfortable wherever you go – when you are on vacation, at work, on a date, or just sleeping at night.

The truth is that, in today’s world, you are more likely to become a victim than ever before. It is likely that you will encounter some sort of crime at your home – whether it is something as simple as a package being stolen or something far more sinister.

What will you lose if you don’t have a security system?

Home Security System Cost: Affordability

At LifeShield, we can help you to afford the home security system that will help protect your loved ones. The first way we do this is to offer a contracted plan – this will reduce upfront costs for people who sign for a monthly fee. This is a great option for those who don’t have the money upfront and know that they want security for a longer amount of time. These costs cover installation and activation as well as some equipment.

The other option presented by Blue by ADT is a no contract plan – this allows you to purchase your equipment and only get the monitoring when you want it. You can turn it on and off as you wish.

You can also build your own security system with Blue by ADT, which means that you will be able to pay for the system that you want with the equipment that you need – you will use everything that you pay for and nothing that you do not.

How Much Does a Home Security System Cost? Find Out Now!