Smart Home Security Showdown: Blue by ADT vs. Eufy Camera Systems

Did you know the average loss from a burglary in 2019 was $2,661? And yet surveys show only around 25% of Americans have a security system in place to protect themselves.

But the world of home security can be confusing, with dozens of companies and various compatibility with other smart systems like Alexa or Apple. How do you choose? Well, today we’re going to compare two of the best systems on the market – each has its pluses and minuses.

Through this comparison, you can find which system best suits your lifestyle. Keep reading to learn everything about the battle between Eufy Security and Blue by ADT!


Eufy Camera Systems vs. Blue by ADT


The first thing to get out of the way is the idea that one system is bad and one is good. Rarely is this the case in the modern age. These days, most systems have a combination of good features and hardware. The question is which features you care about and whether the hardware and compatibility fit with pre-existing systems in your home.

Essentially, each system has its benefits and each has things that may be detractors depending on your specific situation. This comparison is meant to give you an idea of the things you should consider before investing in a home security system. These products often aren’t cheap, so it’s a good idea to do your research before investing – let’s get started.


ADT and Eufy Products Available


One of the most important things to consider when it comes to deciding which security system to purchase is whether they have all of the products that you will want to incorporate. Are you focused purely on video cameras, or do you want additional systems like door alarms or motion sensors?

It’s also good to think about whether you only want the system for security of the people and property inside, or the outside as well. Are you frequently away from your property and need more than protection from people? Some companies offer flood and temperature sensors to protect against changing temperatures, too.

If you can, it’s best to get as many smart security products from the same company so you’re not stuck with five different apps to keep track of.

Blue by ADT offers a great selection of cameras and sensors to make your life better. They have window sensors, door sensors, flood & temperature sensors, as well as motion sensors to add to their array of camera choices. With cameras, they have outdoor and indoor cameras in a variety of formats that includes a doorbell camera.

Eufy doesn’t have quite as many sensors available, limited to door and motion sensors. They do, however, have smart locks and keypads which can be a great way to incorporate more smart products in your home without needing to buy from a second company. Their range of cameras is robust with a variety of formats that includes doorbell cameras with chimes.


ADT or Eufy: Ease of Setup


Not everyone wants to spend tons of time setting up a system – you probably have other things to do. This is why knowing how you want to install your systems is important. If you live in a generally secure area but you want to keep track of things from afar, you may not feel the need to hardwire your products.

In this case, choosing wireless products that are a breeze to set up might be the choice for you. However, if you are worried about the theft of your products or you are away for long periods of time and you can’t charge the cameras you will want to hardwire.

Blue by ADT has almost entirely wireless products. This means it’s easy to bring your products on the go and install them quickly. Eufy has a variety of both wired and wireless options, some of which can do both.


Compatibility with Smart Devices


Do you already have a hub like an Apple TV, an Amazon Alexa, or a Google Nest? Then you might want to look for a security system that is compatible with your smart device so you can use things like voice control and more. It’s also nice because it can compile all your smart devices into one place, rather than needing to keep several apps available to constantly switch between.

Blue by ADT offers compatibility with Google Nest/Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. This is great for most people who have at least one of these, but if you are only in the Apple ecosystem you might have limited functionality (although you can use IFTTT, which you can learn more about from this guide).

Meanwhile, Eufy is also compatible with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, but offers limited functionality with Apple. Some of their more recent products are compatible like some of their indoor cameras, but more popular products like their doorbell still lack compatibility.

Of course, you don’t need one of these hubs with big companies if you don’t want to. Both Blue by ADT and Eufy have their own apps that offer extended capabilities anyways.


Video Quality


Of course, you actually want to see what’s happening inside and outside of your home so having high quality video is generally a good idea. Of course, since these systems tend to run on Wifi it’s also a good idea to ensure you have the bandwidth to support higher quality live video streaming if that’s a concern for you.

It’s also important to consider more than just the quality, but also how wide the field of view is for your camera. The video the view, the more you will be able to see. A good base field of view for a smart video camera is 130 degrees of horizontal visibility.

However, you may want even more than this and some companies offer cameras that can turn and swivel, providing even more coverage. Some can even do 360 degrees of horizontal viewing! While this may be important for the setup of some people, for others it may not matter.

Blue by ADT’s video security products all currently have 1080p HD resolution and a 130-degree field of view. This fits the requirements for the majority of people looking to invest in smart home security.

However, if you need more visibility and higher quality video recording than Eufy is the one for you. Eufy’s more recent product releases feature 2k video recording – double the quality. Details will be more crisp and clear. They also have several swivel cameras that provide up to 360-degree viewing.

It is important to note that of Eufy’s non-swivel cameras, most range from 105 to 108 degrees of visibility. So if you’re looking for a standard camera with a wide field of view then Blue by ADT could be better for your situation.


Brand Recognition


It can’t be understated that brand recognition and history can lend an extra sense of security to purchasing a camera. ADT has been one of the best in the business for a long time and acquired LifeShield (digital wireless security) in 2019 to continue to improve their systems. You can learn more about the history of ADT and LifeShield from their website.

Meanwhile, Eufy is fairly new on the security scene even if its parent company Anker is more well known. While both are good companies, it may make you feel better to know that ADT has been specializing in security for much longer than Anker and Eufy.


Protection Plans


Now, if you want live monitoring then it is important to find a system that prioritizes this kind of security. Both Eufy and Blue by ADT offer DIY or self-monitoring options and the ability to pay a monthly monitoring fee. 24/7 professional monitoring is available from ADT starting at $19.99 a month and from Eufy at $9.99 a month, although ADT’s system is generally considered to be more robust.


The Verdict


Depending on what you care about, either of these systems could be a great fit for you. They have comparable product prices and the difference really comes down to the different features and compatibility you want and need.

If you have Apple HomeKit, then Eufy is the only one with compatible products. If you want a wide variety of sensors then Blue by ADT is a better option for you.


What Else Should You Know?


Now that you know all the factors that go into choosing a home security system you can make the choice between Eufy and Blue by ADT. But you’re probably wondering where you can buy your choice from. When shopping for Blue by ADT you can buy entire smart home camera systems as a package –check out the selection today!