What is Alarm Monitoring?

Alarm monitoring is part of a complete home security system. It sounds an alarm within the home (often extremely high decibel so that you can hear it as can neighbors in some cases) and sounds an alarm with a professional monitoring company. The control panel communicates with the other parts of the system, including the cameras, window and door sensors, and motion sensors, to detect an intruder or something that is wrong. Then, the monitoring company immediately sets to action, connecting with you and notifying the authorities.

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How Does Alarm Monitoring Work?

Alarm monitoring has different technical aspects depending on the system that you have. Your system control panel is the heart of the entire security system. Most systems will include many different parts, including sensors, cameras, temperature detectors, flood detecting, smoke detecting, and so much more. When the system is armed, anything that triggers it will send an alarm to the monitoring company and your mobile application. With companies like Blue by ADT, your system is mostly wireless so you do not have to worry about cutting cords or losing power.
Most monitoring companies will first reach out to you so that they can know if the alarm was real or if it was an accident. If you don’t respond or you say that it wasn’t an accident, the alarm monitoring company will alert the authorities immediately. Different parts of your system will trigger different parts of the alarm, which tells the monitoring company what you need – police, paramedics, or firefighters.

What is an Unmonitored Alarm System?

Unmonitored alarm systems do not connect to professional monitoring. Instead, they sound an alarm to let you know there is a problem and then allows you to take action. This will scare off some intruders, but often doesn’t do much beyond that. These usually aren’t part of a monitoring system either – they act by themselves. Sometimes you can get door or window sensors that have “local” alarms that just sound throughout the home – but these tend to be extremely easy to disarm.

Many emergencies require immediate intervention, especially if you aren’t home to hear the alarm. This is why we always suggest monitored alarm systems, especially for people who aren’t home at all times.

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