What to Look for When Choosing the Best Security System For Your Family

You spend time and money to create a safe space to call your own. Now it’s time to choose the right alarm company to secure your hard work. Selecting the right company and package can be intimidating, especially because not all systems are alike. 


This article will help you understand what to look for when picking the best security system for your specific needs. 


Choose Between Pro-Installed and DIY Security Systems


When comparing pro-installation versus DIY setups, there is no objective winner. Instead, it’s about determining the type of security system that best fits your particular home and lifestyle. 


The Benefits of Picking a Pro-Installed System


  • You can save you time and money when securing a large property. DIY systems make sense if you seek to secure an apartment or small house. However, larger homes require more equipment and can present difficult monitoring challenges ideally handled by a professional. 


  • Lower upfront equipment costs. However, generally speaking, professionally installed systems require longer contracts and slightly higher monitoring rates. Because you will lease the equipment rather than buying it, you won’t be charged for every sensor and camera. Instead, you may face higher monitoring rates than if you purchased the package and set it up yourself. What’s more, you must return the security system when you end the contract. 


  • An expert can handle any wiring needs. For example, if your home is currently not wired for a doorbell, a professional should complete any associated electrical work. 


The Benefits of Choosing a DIY Security System


  • It’s easier to gradually build your system as your needs evolve. Because you independently set up your DIY equipment on your own timeline, it’s simple to order additional pieces. As you change homes and your family grows, you can also grow your system.


  • The mostly wireless setup is simple to move from one place to the next. DIY companies like Blue by ADT design most of their products to operate without tools or wires. 


  • Contracts tend to be more flexible. Security companies who offer free professional installation want to ensure that they’re investing in profitable relationships. This leads to them locking customers into longer contracts. 

On the other hand, companies that offer DIY security systems don’t share this concern. Therefore, they tend to offer flexible contracts. For example, Blue by ADT customers can choose a month-to-month engagement. 


  • You own the equipment rather than leasing it. With DIY security systems, it’s yours to keep no matter what. 


DIY System Monitoring vs. Pro-Monitoring Systems – Which is Ideal for Your Family


DIY monitoring puts the power in your hands while eliminating a monthly cost. You can use your mobile device to control your system’s settings and watch live footage.


Professional monitoring enables the same level of power but adds extra protection. When triggered, your system will send notifications to a 24/7 monitoring center. A representative will then check on your wellbeing and immediately send the authorities. 


However, whichever security system option you pick, you aren’t necessarily stuck with it. Blue by ADT let’s you choose month-to-month whether to enroll in professional monitoring. Because we don’t require long-term contracts, you can turn professional monitoring on-and-off. 


What to Look For When Choosing a Security System: Cameras, Sensors, and More


Most of us worry about who comes to the front door, but not as many of us think about other access points. The best way to secure your home is to purchase alarm systems that provide full coverage. 


Ideally, all exterior doors and easily reached windows should have sensors. Cameras should survey the outside of your house, and indoor cameras and motion sensors should monitor common living areas. 


For the ultimate ease of use, look for a security system that comes with a mobile app. This way, you can change monitoring settings, view camera footage, and interact with visitors no matter where you are. 


Not all alarm companies offer all the essential products. Skip any provider with a limited inventory that doesn’t meet all your security needs. 


Tips for Choosing the Security System That Best Fits Your Property’s Size


So, you know you need cameras and sensors, but how many? Identifying the right security package for your particular space may prove challenging. When assessing which security fits your needs, think about:

  • How many entrances do you have?
  • How many windows do you have on the first floor and basement?
  • Do you have second-floor windows that are easily reached?
  • Do you have a front yard? Back yard? Driveway?
  • Do you have a shed that would need security? 
  • What areas within the home would you want to observe when away? 


All of the above need monitoring, so create a security system that has the necessary number of pieces. Providers like Blue by ADT allow you to add additional equipment to existing packages or buy products at a separate time. 


What About Apartments?


Perhaps the most challenging type of home to secure is, surprisingly, apartments. Many packages come with too much equipment for the small space, leading you to spend more money than needed. 


To choose the best security system for your particular apartment, look for the following: 


  • Security systems you can customize to fit your space. For example, the Build Your Own System from Blue by ADT gives you full control over how many cameras, sensors, signs, and add-ons you buy. 


  • Wireless products for easy DIY set up and moving. There are too many wireless sensors and cameras out there for you to consider drilling holes into the wall. What’s more, the simple setup lets you smoothly move equipment from one apartment to the next. 


  • The option to forego long-term contracts. One of the joys of renting is that you have the freedom to move as life takes you in different directions. Therefore, it doesn’t make sense to commit to multi-year contracts, as your circumstances may dramatically change. 


Perhaps you’ll move in with a partner or roommate who has a system of their own. You may satisfy your wanderlust by spending a year abroad. Expect the unexpected, and choose an alarm company that grants you the freedom to pay only for the monitoring you need. 


  • The option to forego a credit check, depending on your circumstances. While renters represent a wide range of ages and incomes, many are young adults who have yet to build substantial credit histories. If you have a subpar score for one reason or another, consider choosing a security system company that doesn’t require credit checks


For additional tips on staying safe in a rented space, read our article Do I Need a Security System in An Apartment?


What to Look for When Choosing an Alarm System Company


Much like alarm systems themselves, security companies are surprisingly diverse. Some are regionally focused, while others offer national coverage. Some sell products without coverage and, on the opposite end of the spectrum, some only sell monitoring and merely lease out the equipment. 


So how do you make sure you choose a quality security company?


  • Consider their track record of customer satisfaction. A security company embodies more than just its equipment. It should have a product innovation department, a dedicated customer support team, and system monitoring centers ready to provide emergency help. 

All of the above don’t crop up overnight. Therefore, it’s best to trust security companies with enduring histories, loyal customer bases, and an established positive reputation. 


  • Read reviews, and lots of them. Everyone has something to say about new products, and the Internet places them all at your fingertips. Explore what various experts say about the systems before making your final selection. 


  • Do their systems integrate with your current smart home technology? If you own smart home tools like Amazon Echo or Google Assistant, look for an alarm system that works in harmony. This way, you can control your security equipment with your voice. 


Why Blue by ADT DIY Security Systems May Be Your Best Choice


Security systems are not one-size-fits-all, so we don’t claim that ADT’s DIY option is for everyone. However, if you want to secure a smaller home and/or value flexibility, one of Blue’s security systems may be the ideal pick for you. 


  • Our full range of security products deliver top performance. We have the equipment you need to help keep your family safe, ranging from doorbell cameras to fire sensors. Sleep well at night knowing that no entry point will go unmonitored. 

Blue by ADT designed each product to provide reliable coverage. Plus, we incorporated game-changing features, such as our cameras’ facial recognition and two-way communication capabilities. 


  • Our DIY equipment is easy to set up and even easier to use. You can set up almost all of our security products without any tools in a matter of minutes. Our included written instructions and step-by-step videos will guide you through the process, and our team is ready to answer any questions. 


  • ADT has more than a century’s worth of experience, making us the leading choice for US households. Millions of Americans rely upon ADT to help keep their homes and families safe. But that doesn’t mean that we rest on our laurels. We continue to earn homeowners’ trust and loyalty through hands-on support teams, quality products, and a customer-first mindset. 


Learn more about Blue by ADT’s security systems and choose the package that best fits you!