Why Choose a DIY Home Security System?

Current trends show that an increasing number of consumers prefer self-setup DIY home security systems over professionally installed systems because of their versatility and long-term affordability. Read on to learn more about what you can expect from a DIY security system, get answers to frequently asked questions, and determine whether it’s the best option for your home. 


DIY Security Systems are More Affordable Than Professionally Installed Alternatives


While the upfront costs of buying a DIY security system are higher, you may save more in the long run. This is because eliminating the need for technicians allows DIY home security companies to offer lower monthly rates. For example, professional monitoring with a Blue by ADT DIY system starts at $19.99 per month compared to upwards of $40.00 per month with some professionally installed systems. 


Additionally, choosing to DIY means you own the cameras, sensors and other equipment, rather than temporarily leasing it for the length of your contract. In fact, many DIY home security companies, like Blue by ADT, give you the option to self-monitor your home without a contract. 


Having a DIY security system with no professional monitoring contract lets you save a little extra each month by not paying a monthly monitoring fee. However, with a professionally installed system, you may not have the option to self-monitor or avoid long-term contracts. This is less than ideal for shoppers looking for an affordable home security option. 


The Flexibility of DIY Home Security Products Makes Them Ideal for Renters and Apartment Dwellers


With DIY security providers like Blue by ADT, you often get the choice between building your own security system or picking a pre-configured option. The ability to buy only the equipment you want gives you the freedom to customize and create the ideal combination of components that fit your specific needs without buying unnecessary equipment. 


Who Benefits Most From DIY Home Security Systems? 


Homeowners with small to medium-sized properties


The customizable nature of DIY home security systems allows homeowners to get comprehensive coverage without getting stuck with extra devices they don’t need. Blue by ADT designs essential equipment like doorbell cameras, window sensors, and fire safety sensors that are easy to set up whether you live in an apartment or a house. 


However, with larger properties, it is recommended to let a professional install home security equipment in order to properly ensure you are fully covered. 


Individuals who value affordability without compromising quality


The overall lower cost of DIY home security paired with the option to forego monthly monitoring fees may appeal to homeowners with lower budgets.


Renters or homeowners who move semi-regularly


At Blue by ADT, we know that the desire to protect what you love is not exclusive to property owners. The flexibility of build-your-own security packages like ours provides renters and frequent movers with a low-maintenance solution that’s easy to set up and take from one place to the next. 


Homeowners with a working doorbell may be interested in a Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera


The doorbell camera is one of Blue by ADT’s most popular DIY security products, and for good reason. It empowers homeowners to monitor and interact with anyone who comes to the door—even if they’re not home. 


Because the doorbell camera leverages the existing wiring, self-setup is easy. However, if a homeowner doesn’t currently have a working doorbell, it may be best to consider a professionally installed option from ADT. 


Frequently Asked Questions About DIY Home Security Systems


Do I need to be tech-savvy set up a security system myself?


At Blue by ADT, we design our home security equipment to be easy to set up without the need for professional installation. Some components, like the indoor camera, just need to be placed on a flat surface and plugged into a power source. And while others may have a multi-step self-setup process, they only require basic tools like a screwdriver. 


Each of our DIY home security systems comes with a setup guide. If you have questions along the way, you can find answers in our online library of articles and videos, as well as by calling us at 877-987-4435. 


How do I know which DIY equipment to buy for my home?


The best thing about Blue by ADT is the ability to pick and choose the components you want with your system. If there are specific areas in your home you’d like to cover, chances are we have the right device for you. Browse our online shop of DIY home security products to find a full listing of all of our sensors and devices.


If you need help figuring out the best configuration for your system, call us at 877-987-4435 and one of our security experts will assist you. 


How do I know where to position my DIY security products within my home?


Each of our DIY home security systems comes with a setup guide. If you need additional guidance along the way, you can find in-depth walkthroughs on the DIY setup of each of our sensors and devices on our Support Center.  


Can I integrate my DIY security products with my smart home devices?


Yes. Blue cameras work with Amazon Alexa and IFTTT, and our DIY security systems are compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa, Z-wave Plus, and IFTTT. 


How can I tell if a DIY home security system is any good?


There are numerous review sites that cover the wide variety of security providers, and even videos that unbox products and offer a closer look. You can find third-party reviews of our DIY home security systems on reputable sites like Safety.com, Security.org, and Consumer Affairs


Additionally, if you have unanswered questions about the security provider, you may contact them directly. A good DIY security company will provide in-depth answers and strong customer service.