Will My Alarm System Work if My Electric is Out?

One of the biggest worries when someone gets an alarm system installed at home is whether or not it will work if the electric is out – and the answer is: sometimes. The type of home security system that you have will determine whether or not a power outage will impact your system.

Traditional systems use phone lines to connect with the monitoring company.  If there is a power outage, these systems will still work for a limited amount of time thanks to the backup power. In some systems, this backup power doesn’t exist, so it will immediately be cut.

Other systems like cellular radio and Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) systems will continue to work after the power has gone down, whether from a natural disaster or from a cut cord. Some systems will only use the internet, and these tend to be the most vulnerable when it comes to losing power.

All home security systems from Blue by ADT have four layers of protection so that if your power does go down, if your cords are cut, you will still have access to our expert monitoring.

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Blue by ADT Components Still Work in the Event of a Power Outage

A security system absolutely needs to have multiple components that work together as a system to provide you with wall-to-wall coverage of your home. All of the components of a Blue by ADT home security system work when you don’t have power. This is because we build our home security systems using the highest quality components that are automated to work together – no matter what.

The best at home security system must include:


A keypad will grant access to your home using a code that you have created when you set up the system. This code will disarm the system so that you can give someone access to your home if they do not have the mobile app or key fob. This can help in keeping track of your children, babysitters, dog walkers, or anyone else that may need access to your home.


Door and window sensors help to notify the monitoring company, and all other components that someone has entered your home without permission.

Mobile Options

For homeowners, a mobile app helps you to check on your home even if the power is out where you are. Using the internet connection on your phone, you can do a quick scan of your home to make sure that everything is as it should be.

Monitoring Company

The final part of the best at home security system is the monitoring company themselves. The company will monitor your home and connect with you, even if your system is down or you don’t have power. Since we handle everything on our own, you will always have access to our experts.


Get Full Coverage – Even When the Power is Out