Will My Alarm System Work if My Phone Line is Cut?

A few years ago, if a burglar was smart, he or she would cut the phone line to hinder the homeowner’s calling the authorities or so that the alarm system can contact the monitoring center. Many people have the same fear if the phone line goes down or there is an accidental cut that their systems will no longer work. With modern alarm systems, you typically don’t have to worry about this because there are internet back-ups.

Of course, the question is what if all of these are cut – with Blue by ADT, you don’t have to worry about that. We offer four layers of protection for your system to ensure that it doesn’t get cut. To find out more information, CLICK HERE.

Cellular Back for Alarm Systems

Most alarm systems today are equipped with a type of cellular backup that will help to provide connection to your monitoring company, and your system, even if the power goes out and the lines are cut. This was originally developed because people were afraid of lines getting cut, but now it has become a necessity for homes because so few people have home phone lines anymore.

Cellular monitoring is one of the best technical achievements home security has had because it eliminated one of the biggest risks to all security systems. There is no longer a physical line that can be cut. Having a cellular backup can change the outcome of a potentially harrowing situation.

Of course, you will also have a cellular app where you can check in on everything for yourself – you can even sound the alarm if you feel uncomfortable or like something is going wrong in your home.

Since Blue by ADT does all of its monitoring on its own, we control how we interact with you – and your safety is always our foremost concern.

How Do Home Alarm Systems Work?

Home alarm systems are quite easy to operate and understand for anyone. You get a complete guide to our system and our full support. So what do they do? A home alarm system will monitor the entry points of your home and, if they are tripped, the alarm will sound. At Blue by ADT, we have other monitors as well, including glass breaking, carbon monoxide, fire, and flooding. Regardless of the size of your home, a security system that interacts with itself and can monitor just about anything or anyone.

However, the alarm system is only the first line of defense. If a break in does occur, you need to have a system that will immediately trigger a chain reaction between yourself, the monitoring company, and local officials if need be.

Having Blue by ADT home alarm systems in your home can save your life in many ways, and not just from the common burglar – from whatever threatens your family. This isn’t something that you want to play around with, so that is why you need a system that will work and outsmart the burglars – one that will continue to work beyond cut phone lines, electrical outages, and even unlocked doors.

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