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Security Today named the Blue Doorbell Camera a “2020 New Product of the Year”1

Popular Science

“Best basic home security system: Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera”2

“The Blue Outdoor Camera is a battery-operated wireless home security cam that installs in minutes and delivers sharp 1080p video.”3

“The Blue by ADT cameras offer several attractive features which either aren’t present in cameras from competitors or that cost extra [in the form of subscription fees].”4

“This camera, powered by ADT, has motion detection, two-way talk and noise cancellation, and a slew of safety features.”5

“Getting the [Blue Wireless Outdoor] Camera up and running was easy.”6

“This [indoor] security cam is your protector against smoke, CO, and strangers.” (Rated 4 out of 5 stars)7

“The ADT Blue Doorbell Camera lets you see who is at your door without leaving your couch and delivers sharp colorful video.”8

“Premium features and a good picture.” (Doorbell camera rated 4 out of 5 stars)9

“It’s a bold entry into the DIY home security space by an industry leader that will be worth watching. And the camera collection is only the beginning of DIY home security for Blue by ADT.”10

“We’re excited to test out the new Doorbell Camera, Indoor Camera and Outdoor Camera—and any future devices—to see how Blue by ADT compares with other DIY security companies.”11

The Verge

“One of the coolest features provided by all three cameras is how they present notifications on your phone. Instead of having to click through a notification to see the video feed, Blue by ADT’s new cameras insert a video clip directly into the alert so you can see if it’s worth your time to investigate further.”12


“You can set up a smart home unique to your needs, and customers can choose from self-monitoring, a month-to-month subscription service of continuous monitoring.”13

“With a 180-degree field of view and two-way talk, this outdoor doorbell cam makes sure you can not only see anyone but also speak to them.”14

“With a 130-degree field of view, this outdoor cam ensures you see all the angles. Plus, it offers HD-quality video and night vision so you can see crisply and clearly at any time…this water-resistant security cam has the toughness required for outdoor life, and it even offers two-way talk.”15

“With Wi-Fi connectivity and facial recognition, this is a pretty smart little indoor cam.”16

“Blue by ADT takes privacy and security up a notch by securing live camera activity on an encrypted network.”17

“It’s a doable job for even a first-time DIYer.”18

“The Blue by ADT Outdoor Camera offers the same 1080p HD video, local storage, and two-way audio as its indoor sibling, but adds in IP65 weather resistance to the mix.”19

“This $199 smart indoor camera boasts some of the finest user protection features available.”20

“You can install this doorbell camera yourself, with or without other Blue security sensors, and you don’t have to sign a contract. Plus, you still get that reliable ADT name.”21

Yahoo News / Digital Trends

“All Blue cameras feature service-wide encryption…making it extremely difficult for hackers to break down your hardware.”22

“These cameras [Blue by ADT Wireless Outdoor Camera Kit] let you view and talk to your visitors no matter where you are.”23

“We particularly liked the [doorbell camera’s] reasonable cost, facial recognition, and how it works independently or a part of the broader…home security system.”24

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Business Insider named Blue by ADT the “Best Smart Home Security System”1 at CES 2020

Popular Science

“Best DIY home security system: Blue by ADT Starter Plus System”2

“The home security firm’s first do-it-yourself system features extensive voice assistant support and three IP cameras, with more devices on the way.”3

U.S. News & World Report

“A DIY home security solution that’s configurable and controllable from a smartphone app and matched with ADT’s well-regarded 24/7 professional monitoring.”4

The Gadgeteer

“This is a very good security system, and the quality of the included components is great. Overall, it gets two thumbs up!”5

“Add-on components are easy to install, and you can add numerous Z-Wave home automation devices such as lights, switches, garage door openers, and thermostats, and control them all from the same app.” (System rated 4 out of 5 stars)6

Business Insider

“This [Blue by ADT] looks like a top-notch DIY system, and it’s backed by a security company that knows exactly what it’s doing.”7

“Best for IFTTT automations and pro monitoring.”8

“Users can add or remove devices making it possible to adapt the size of the package if you decide to downsize.”9

Security Sales & Integration

“With every Blue by ADT system, customers can choose to self-monitor or select ADT’s 24/7 professional monitoring service.”10

“Fully customizable DIY smart home security setup from one of the most well known security brands out there.”11

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