Extender + Chime

$49.99 $34.99

Extender + Chime

$49.99 $34.99

The new chime/Wi-Fi range extender from Blue by ADT strengthens the Wi-Fi signal for your Doorbell, Indoor, and Wireless Outdoor Cameras. (The Extender + Chime only works with blue by ADT cameras. It cannot be used alone or with other systems.)


Extend battery life for Blue

Wireless Outdoor Cameras



alarm siren


Plays chimes for

Blue Doorbell Camera


Preset tones for blue Doorbell

Camera + motion events

Pearl Gray


Frequently purchased Extender + Chime
Doorbell Camera
Wireless Outdoor Camera
Indoor Camera

Extender + Chime specs

  • Plugs into an indoor AC outlet
  • Operates in 32° to 104°F temperatures and 0% to 80% humidity
  • Optimizes Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera usage
  • Dimensions: 5.1 x 5 x 2.1 inches
Extender + Chime
Place Holder

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2-Way talk + noise cancellation

See, hear and speak to anyone using the mobile app.

Night vision

See video from your home in crystal clear 1080p HD - even in the dark.

Facial recognition

Receive alerts when the camera picks up a familiar face.

Push notifications with video preview

Get updates about activity outside your home sent directly to your phone.

Custom motion detection zones

Tailor zones so you don't get notified every time your dog runs by. Unless you want to.

Rechargeable battery

Use with the Blue Extender + Chime for longer battery life.

Preset Tones for Doorbell Camera & Motion Events

Set custom tones for the doorbell or motion detection.

Plays Chimes for Doorbell Camera

Hear doorbell chimes when someone presses the button on your Blue Doorbell Camera.

Security alarm siren

Get alerted about possible intruders or safety risks.

Cloud storage

Look back on past footage with cloud storage.

Fire/CO siren detector

Get notified when your Blue Indoor Camera hears your smoke and CO sensors go off.

Strengthen the reach of your cameras

You can use the Extender + Chime as a Wi-Fi range extender to help improve Wi-Fi signal for your indoor, outdoor, and/or doorbell cameras.

Use the chime to hear an inside doorbell sound when a visitor presses your Blue Doorbell Camera. If you get a security system and our new Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera, the chime will be an additional alarm siren.