Should I DIY My Security System?

The short answer is that if you want to protect your home to the fullest extent is that you absolutely need professional tools and support with your security system. The DIY approach typically offers lower costs, at least up front, but it requires a lot more work and maintenance. You have to find the components, ensure that they work together, and then replace them whenever the malfunction. With a professional home security system, you will have access to a professional monitoring company as well.

If you are interested in a system that is monitored and ready for whatever life throws your way – a system that you have a few simple steps to set up – CLICK HERE for more information from Blue by ADT.

Pros of a DIY Home Security System

One of the great things about a Blue by ADT system is that it gives you the feel of a DIY system. You get the choice and control of the parts that go into your system – you only have to pay for what you want in your system. You get to choose where your camera goes, where your equipment goes, the parts of your home that are monitored, the parts of your home that aren’t monitored, and how often it gets monitored. It also gives you the choice to make your system as expansive or as simple as you want.

A Blue by ADT system is DIY in installation – you can install it and cut on the costs of professional setup. Of course, you have our support with whatever questions that you might have.

Many DIY systems take a lot of effort – ours doesn’t. We can advise you and help you to make the decisions that you need to make on components, makes and models, installation, and any maintenance issues.

Professional Home Security System

A professional home security system is one that keeps you covered, no matter what. Often, you don’t have to worry about things like power outages, computer issues, or cut wires. You won’t have to worry about the system behind your system, which is almost always the most complex part of a home security system.  Once again, you still get control over the system, you just have someone to back you up.

Most DIY systems do not have the backup that a professional system has. With Blue by ADT, you get the balance of DIYing it, but only slightly. Think of it like those craft kits that you buy that explain every step of the process.

Do Not DIY Your Security System