What Is Home Automation for Security Systems and How Can I Get It?

Home automation is one of the most important features of a Blue by ADT security system because it makes your life that much easier. Home automation, in general, allows you to control your home through your mobile phone. For example, you might be able to turn your lights on and off, control your thermostat, and even unlock your doors. Everything is completely hooked up to your home network and gets controlled through your phone.

With a Blue by ADT, home automation for security systems includes controlling the door and window sensors, arming and disarming your system, checking cameras, monitoring alerts, and allowing people into your home while you aren’t home – from a few miles away to across the world. As long as you have our app and an internet connection, you stay on top of everything happening at home.

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Automated Security Systems for Home

Automated security systems for home are great for monitoring your home from far away. However, this isn’t only to check up on alert. When connected to a security system, you can also use them to check up on the family members that you love the most – children home alone, pets, and even elderly parents and grandparents. You can use it to ensure that the babysitter is paying attention and not on his or her phone, the package you ordered is still on your stoop, and that your neighbors aren’t helping themselves to a dip in your pool.

This automation requires “smart” devices that can connect to the internet. Even if your power goes out or the lines are cut, your Blue by ADT system continues to work thanks to our four layers of protection.

In addition to the mobile monitoring that we offer, we also have desktop and tablet monitoring that you can look at throughout the day – especially important for those that have pets. Since Blue by ADT allows you to build your own plan, you will be able to design everything in your system.

Setting Up An Automated Home Security System

Home automation is fairly easy to set up, especially if you’ve set up other components before – like phones, smart thermostats, or even baby monitors. You can set up your automation to happen on a regular basis – such as your home disarming when you know your children get home from school or arming every morning once you leave for work. This allows you to “set it and forget it” and know that everything runs like clockwork.

It also allows you to control it when you want to – great for those who have family members that like to stop by without notice or those that get packages delivered on a regular basis.

All Blue by ADT products come with an easy to use setup guide so that you can start your automation as soon as you set up your home security system. Our customer service team is always there to help and support you as well, so you won’t have to feel like you are alone.

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