Where Should I Put Security Cameras?

Home security cameras are effective no matter where you put them, but there are better places to put them so that you can get the most complete protection of your home. Home security companies will highlight the best places for you to put your home based on the capabilities of their own systems. Namely, how much the camera can rotate and how much it can zoom. However, it is generally accepted the security cameras should be installed in many parts of your home.

The best thing you can do is focus on how to get the most complete picture of your home. With a wireless system, you can put your cameras almost anywhere, which helps. If you don’t want to have many cameras, you may want to put cameras in the most high-traffic areas that are vulnerable to break-ins. Namely, this means you want to have cameras in the following locations:

  • On Your Doors – burglars try to enter the home from the door most often because we leave doors unlocked or they can pick the locks. You want to have all doors in your home covered, including side, garage, and sliding doors.
  • On Your Windows – All of your windows should be covered by cameras. However, the most essential windows are those that aren’t on the streets. These are more private and tend to be better targets for those that are trying to break into your home. You want to be careful about rooms like bathrooms and bedrooms, where people will need privacy.
  • On the Driveway – Burglars will often walk on stone pathways or on driveways because there is less of a chance that they will leave a footprint. If you have motion detectors and cameras on your driveway or pathway, you may be able to detect the person before he or she walks into your home.
  • Entrance Ways – Of course, you want to have a camera on the entrance of your home. This is likely covered by the camera that is on your door, but you might want to have one that points in the opposite direction to cover the other main areas of your home, like the living room, kitchen, or main hallway.
  • Stairways – Stairways are another great place to have cameras because you will be able to spot suspicious activity and get longer shots of the person who has entered into your home – which may come in handy when you have to identify the person.

Of course, there are some other things you have to consider when it comes to installing security cameras in your home. You want to think about how comfortable people will be with the cameras. This means you don’t want to put cameras in bedrooms or bathrooms, where they can catch sensitive footage.

You also want to think about your home and where cameras can go – do you want to use adhesives or do you have a place to put the camera?

Once you’ve decided where the camera goes, you’ll have to think about the how of it all – but sometimes you have to go back and rethink the where in these situations as well.

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