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Blue by ADT is do-it-yourself protection, backed by ADT, the experts in helping to protect what you love. You can get security equipment to fit your needs, like our indoor and outdoor security cameras and doorbell camera. All Blue by ADT cameras have 2-way talk, motion detection, facial recognition, and live HD video streaming features, so you can view and talk to your home’s visitors from anywhere that you use your Blue by ADT app. DIY setup is quick and easy, and Blue by ADT products work with your existing smart home devices. With video storage options and no long-term contracts, you can have Blue by ADT security on your own terms.

Only the new Blue by ADT Smart Home Security System sensors are compatible with the Smart Home Hub. LIfeShield sensors are only compatible with the LifeShield S30 base. However, both Blue by ADT and LifeShield cameras are compatible with the Smart Home Hub.

Yes. Blue by ADT security cameras have the flexibility to work independently or with any LifeShield system.

Blue by ADT offers a wide range of devices with smart home compatibility as well as flexible service options such as self-monitoring and video storage. You can also get month-to-month 24/7 professional monitoring when your cameras are added to a LifeShield security system. Whether you’re a homeowner, renter, or frequent mover, you can easily take your Blue by ADT devices with you and set them up yourself in your new house or apartment.

Yes. The Blue by ADT cameras can be used on their own or as part of a complete DIY system.

Help protect your home with the Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera. See and talk to your home’s visitors using the device’s 2-way talk, motion detection, facial recognition, and live HD video streaming features. The doorbell camera lets you see outside of your home and talk to visitors with the Blue by ADT app. You can use the doorbell camera on its own or with a DIY system, giving you peace of mind and flexible security on your own terms.

The Blue by ADT Indoor Camera has 2-way talk, motion detection, facial recognition, and live HD video streaming features so you can see what’s happening in your home from anywhere. Talk to your kids when they return from school or see what Fido is doing while you’re at work by using the Blue by ADT app with your camera. The indoor camera can be used on its own or added to a LifeShield system for flexible security options on your own terms.

You can help protect your home with the new Blue by ADT Wireless Outdoor Camera. The wireless security camera allows you to 2-way talk with your home’s visitors and view live HD video outside of your home. The wireless outdoor camera has motion detection and facial recognition features and is compatible with your existing smart home devices. As your life changes, you need flexible security that can change with you for continuous protection and peace of mind. With video storage options and no long-term contracts, Blue by ADT offers protection on your own terms.

All new Blue by ADT camera models support 1080p HD video and provide a clear picture of objects that are further away. The indoor and outdoor cameras both have 130° field of view, while the field of view for the doorbell camera is 180°.

The Blue by ADT cameras can detect motion up to the following distances:

  • Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera – 16.4 ft. (5 meters)
  • Blue Indoor Camera – 16.4 ft. (5 meters)
  • Blue Doorbell Camera – 9.8 ft. (3 meters)

You can use our Blue by ADT Extender + Chime to help extend camera Wi-Fi signal connection and battery life. The extender + chime also provides you with an additional place to hear your doorbell’s chime loud and clear. The device is a suggested add-on to help lengthen the battery life of your Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera.

The Blue Extender + Chime is not required but is suggested for the Blue Wireless Outdoor Camera to help increase its battery life. The Blue Doorbell Camera can be used with the Blue Extender + Chime if you need to increase the camera’s Wi-Fi signal. (The doorbell camera is not battery operated so you wouldn’t need the extender device to increase its battery life.) The extender also works as another point of sound for the doorbell chime when your doorbell button is pressed.

Yes. Blue by ADT security cameras and devices work with any LifeShield home security system. You can even add the Blue cameras to your current system and keep using your original LifeShield cameras for added protection.

Blue by ADT security cameras can be used alone or as part of a LifeShield home security system; however, Blue by ADT devices and LifeShield systems are not usable with other ADT products.

ADT saw an opportunity in the DIY smart home security business as well as major potential in the renter, mover, and standalone product space. LifeShield was the pioneer in DIY home security, and ADT wanted to utilize that expertise as a way to build its 145-year-old business. Learn more.

You will continue to be able to obtain the same excellent home security products, services, and customer service you’ve come to know. You will now also have access to an additional array of smart home security product and service options. The partnership between LifeShield and ADT brings on a new, cost-effective, and modern home security technology brand identity for the company called Blue by ADT. Learn more.

You can have peace of mind knowing that you’re protected by ADT, a privacy-focused company that’s the most trusted name in security. Blue by ADT cameras meet all the standards required for internet-based security. The cameras require an encrypted network to connect and operate, and all recordings are stored on a secure server. Blue by ADT Indoor and Wireless Outdoor Cameras also will introduce battery backup and SD card storage for secure storage directly on the camera in case of any type of outage.

You can access your video storage on the FREE Blue by ADT app and the Customer Portal anytime from virtually anywhere. Select View Saved Media or the icon on the camera card to see your saved video footage.

Get total home protection how and when you want it without appointments or installation fees. Easily set up your Blue by ADT DIY system and security cameras in less than 1 hour. No heavy-duty tools are needed.

Don’t worry! We can help walk you through your security device setup. Visit our Support Center to see videos that will take you, step by step, through the setup process for your equipment. There are videos to help you set up your Blue by ADT security equipment, as well as videos to help you set up any LifeShield security equipment. You can also call us at 877-464-7437 from 8am-9pm ET Monday-Friday and 9am-6pm ET Saturday-Sunday.

Professional monitoring services are available when your Blue by ADT cameras are added to a LifeShield home security system. You can add professional monitoring to Blue by ADT cameras paired with a LifeShield system after your purchase at any time. You can also add video storage services whenever needed. Both professional monitoring and video storage are optional services with no long-term contracts.

Professional monitoring for Blue by ADT and LifeShield security devices is handled by ADT-owned monitoring centers. Have peace of mind knowing you’re protected by the same monitoring centers trusted by ADT.

Once an alarm event is confirmed by you or one of your emergency contacts or if neither contact can be reached, the monitoring center will immediately contact your local emergency services dispatch center to inform them of the emergency. At that point, your local dispatch center and emergency responders will be in control. The speed of emergency services depends on the dispatch center’s reaction time, availability of responders, and travel distance for the responders. Learn more.

The Blue by ADT Smart Home Hub and LifeShield security system base provides 3 layers of home protection—Wi-Fi, cellular signal, and cellular text—for fast response times that will reach the monitoring center in seconds. So even if the internet goes down, your system will help you stay protected if you have professional monitoring. If the power is out, the LifeShield base keeps going with a 24-hour battery backup, helping ensure seamless support of the 3 layers of protection. Self-monitoring customers have protection via Wi-Fi. Learn more.

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