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Get candy and give thanks

October 01, 2022


In the spirit of spooky season, we’ve got some safety tips to help you and the fam make the most out of this Halloween. But Halloween isn’t the only holiday this month. There are also days dedicated to honoring teachers and first responders. Read on to learn why it’s important to show your appreciation.


Stay safe and get spooky

It’s October, and that means your Blue by ADT Doorbell Camera’s favorite day of the year is almost here. Chances are, your doorbell camera gets more action on Halloween than it does every day for the rest of the year combined—unless you regularly go on online shopping binges. (It’s okay if you do. We don’t judge.) And speaking of Halloween, here are a few simple safety tips that you can follow to help make the evening as safe—and fun—as possible for you and the kiddos:

  • Turn on your outdoor smart lights and control them right from your smartphone via the Blue by ADT app. Be sure to replace any burnt-out bulbs so approaching trick-or-treaters have enough light to see.
  • Try to avoid masks when costume planning with the kids. Masks can make it hard for children to see what’s around them—including passing cars. Try non-toxic makeup or face paint instead.
  • Look for costumes made out of light-colored material—or make your own. If that’s not possible, place strips of reflective tape on the front and back of your kids’ costumes. This will help make sure that drivers can see them.
  • Greet trickor-treaters with your Blue Doorbell Camera. Stream footage on your smartphone to keep tabs on the candy situation while you’re out with your kiddos. Say “Boo!” via 2-way talk and check in to see that everything’s a-okay on your property.

First Responders

Honor first responders on October 28th

We’re grateful to first responders for their service every single day, but there’s no better time to make that known than during National First Responders Day. Whether they’re responding to calls for help, rushing headfirst into burning buildings or treating patients in the small confines of a speeding ambulance, first responders and dispatchers work 24/7 to make our communities safer, and they deserve our thanks.

Some first responders are also volunteers, which means they may be sacrificing time off from their jobs, personal time or passing up chances to see their loved ones. If you have a first responder in your life, be sure to reach out and thank them for everything they do.

Many communities have support programs that help improve services to first responders. Think about volunteering at a local nonprofit if you’d like to offer your support on a regular basis.


And let’s not forget about teachers

October 5th was World Teacher Day, although we think they deserve a whole month! And much like first responders, teachers have gone through a lot these last few years. During the pandemic, many teachers had to give up their classrooms in favor of kitchens and living rooms. And though in-person learning is back in most places, teachers still have to work around new rules and regulations and do everything in their power to help keep our children safe.

World Teacher Day is the perfect opportunity to compliment a current or former teacher and make them feel appreciated. Thank or let your teacher know how they positively affected you or your kiddo.